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So Lost.............Help!!

we are four months away from our wedding and still are undecided of where to go on our honeymoon. We r on a budget and would like to go on a beach honeymoon any suggestions of where to go? or where I can start searching. Thank you to all :)

Re: So Lost.............Help!!

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    If you are on a budget and looking for a beachy place, I would say that Mexico is your best bet.  You can usually find some great packages for a decent price.  Another good option would be the caribean. 

    You could go to a travel agent or use sites like travocity, orbitz, or expedia.  Good luck!
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    The Dominican Republic or Mexico will typically be your most budget friendly beach destinations.  I would search Travel Zoo, bookit.com, cheapcaribbean.com or kayak.com for good deals.  Also try Trip Advisor to find reviews on the resorts you find to make sure they're budget friendly but not awful quality.  GL!

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    Since you're 4 months out, you're still in a good position to get a great deal to Mexico or the Caribbean.  I recommend Riviera Maya, there are many adults-only resorts that are luxury and still affordable and also other ones.  Definitely go All-Inclusive and with a package.  Since your honeymoon is soooo important though, I'd recommend working with a travel agent over trying to research and do everything yourself online.  You can waste a lot of time trying tofigure things out on your own and may not get the best perks for honeymooners that you would have with a TA.  You could work with Kim, my TA from Fox World Travel and I'm sure she could find something in your budget and make recommendations.  Here's their site:  http://www.gofox.com/foxselect/honeymoon-travel.php
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    If you don't want to deal with travel outside the US, or spend a long time on a plane, Sanibel and Captiva Islands in Florida are lovely. Totally tropical, and probably the most like Hawaii or Mexican coast that you will find on the contiguous US.

    I was there years ago, and the beach has thousands of broken, pearly seashells, and I'm sure you could find some good rates. Fly into Ft Myers.

    I was there for a wedding, and went off on my own for a couple of days to stay in a hotel. I found it totally relaxing. They have some spa type hotels.

    Probably not as warm as Mexico or Hawaii would be 4 months from now.
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    I totally agree with some of the previous posts.  Mexico, the DR are both economical.  I also think a TA provides really good info and I personally did not have the time to deal with hunting down the deals.  I loved my TA, Jennifer at VIP Vacations and I know there are others out there.  So email or call them.  It can't hurt ..right?
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    I think you should check out Dreams Palm Beach. Everyone raves about how beautiful the resort is and how friendly the staff is; they are always saying “It is my pleasure.” They also have great activities like nightly shows, movies on the beach and a casino that is open until 2 am. Not to mention the beautiful beach that is studded with palm trees!


    Lastly, the food is fantastic at the resort. My favorite restaurant was Seaside Grill, it was the perfect place to enjoy a beachside meal. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon!

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    Consider Puerto Rico. :-) It offers beach, city, and history.
    Plus, you do NOT 
    need a passport!
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