Another Check; Florist!!

We booked Sharon Elizabeth's for our big day! We're pumped!!! We had such a great meeting with her and knew right away that we would book with her! I was hesitant in even meeting with her because I thought her prices would be a bit much but she actually was cheaper than other florists we met with! She's amazing and I love her insight and knowledge! She was great in understanding what we want and I loved all of her ideas!! Can't wait to meet with her and finalize the plans!!! 

Re: Another Check; Florist!!

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    Congrats on the great check!!
  • rswan412rswan412 member
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    Congrats! Such a fun check :)
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    OMG! Congrats! I used her too and let me tell you, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED!

    If you want to, go to my photographer's facebook page, take a look at all of our flowers, all done by Sharon Elizabeth's. Our archway for our ceremony, bouquets, boutineers, coursages, and centerpieces. GORGEOUS!!!/media/set/?set=a.235291913156687.66816.204796479539564
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