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Hey Everyone!!

So I just wanted to start out by saying Congrats to everyone (engaged and married) I think I will be so upset with the big day finally comes and there is no more anticipation lol.  Anyway, just wanted to pass along my photographers info, I was lucky enough to find her.  We are paying for our entire wedding ourselves, so we didn't have a huge budget to begin with, but still didn't want to skimp on quality.  While looking around I came across Krista, she is beyond talented, when I first looked at her work I was convinced there was no way I could afford her.  Well I was wrong, her wedding package for 8 hours is $850!! I honestly couldn't believe it.   She also gives you a CD with printing rights as well, which was super important to us because we wanted to be able to share our pictures of our big day with everyone!  Anway, if you want check out her website if you are still on the search for a photographer.  She is so sweet and talented you won't be dissapointed!  Tell her Jess sent you, I'll put her website below!!

Good luck everyone <3

Re: Affordable Photographer

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    Not for nothing Jessi, but looking back on the few posts that you have on this board, pretty much every single one is for this photographer.  Starting to wonder if you are on here just to promote the vendor or you are actually getting married.  

    If you are just trying to give a recommendation, I am sorry to accuse you, it just seems strange that you haven't posted about anything else.  
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    I find it interesting that almost every post you have is promoting Krista and her business.
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    Sorry if I offended anyone, I just knew how expensive photographers are and I was just super happy to find her because she is awesome.  I usually don't post when I come on here, just usually look around and helpful hints from everyone else.  Take it for how it is, however, I think many of you are here are quick to jump on people especially if you don't have solid proof, I have seen you do it to a few people on here.  Do you konw what I mean??  Anyway, good luck with all your weddings.
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