How long does it take to get E-ring resized?

So I finally got around to getting my E-Ring resized. Got engaged on 8/19/09 and I figured it's about time I get this done. Kind of sucks that the guy at Michael's said he will try to get it back to me on 12/31 but 01/02 is more realistic. Does it usually take this long?? I got my tanzanite ring resized at Valentine's and it only took one day. 

Re: How long does it take to get E-ring resized?

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    Depending on where you go they can have it done in an hour if the do repairs onsite. 

    I took mine to the jeweler who made the ring and had it resized (I never took into consideration, the size of the e-ring and wedding band together, alone they fit but together they were tight) and dipped in two days, I dropped it off on a thursday night and had it back on saturday.
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    We just got engaged on Christmas :) and I dropped it off at Kay's Sunday they send it out and said I will have it back no later than the 14th!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe  it. So i'm announcing to all my coworkers without a ring LOL

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    Like everyone said, if they do sizing on site it takes a day  maybe even just the morning and pick it up that afternoon, but if they have to send it out it takes much longer.  Thankfully i didn't have to have mine resized but I had to special order my wedding bands size 3 and those took nearly a month to receive.  Boo.  I wouldn't be comfortable with sending them out somewhere I like the idea of bringing them in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon, but I have total separation anxiety with my ring lol. 
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    I actually had to get my E-ring resized twice within the first month after getting engaged because I had the wrong measurement the first time I sent it back for resizing...FI got my ring from bluenile though and each time took about 10 days+, but that included shipping time. 
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    Before we got engaged I did get measured but the guy there ordered the wrong size(one whole size bigger). Even with sending it out I didn't think it would take this long since the ring is getting resized probably 30 min away. Thanks for info girls!
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    Mine took about 10days, but i had to send it out. They also had to reengrave the inside. Also, I believe platinum is more difficult to resize than gold, so that might be a factor.
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    Mine got sent out. They gave my FI a full size smaller than what he ordered. It was gone for about a week. Stinks!
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