The Woodwinds and Rehearsal Dinner

I am having my ceremony at The Woodwinds.
I am wondering what are some good, affordable, locations to hold a rehearsal dinner? I would like to stay within 10 minutes from the location.

Re: The Woodwinds and Rehearsal Dinner

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    jjswinjjswin member
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    I am holding my reception at Woodwinds and am having my rehersal dinner at Donovans Reef in Branford. They have an upstairs private loft.
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    Donovan's Reef is a good idea.  Nataz in North Branford would be a good option too.
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    ral11ral11 member
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    I also am getting married at Woodwinds and having my RD at Nataz.  They have really good food for only $25 per person plus you get to BYOB so you don't have to worry about people drinking too much and running up the tab.

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    If you like seafood you could do the Chowder Pot which is right down the road.  Some other options La Luna's in Branford, Stone House in Guilford, LoMonacco in Branford
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    We are using Cafe Allegre.  When we booked (in Dec. 2010) we were offered $25 per person for a full meal and a glass of wine.  I'm not sure if that is still the case.  If it is not, my cousin got married in New Haven a few years ago and used La Luna and that was very good.  My dad used to take his department to La Luna for their Christmas luncheon every year. 
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    I am going to do Nadaz because it is BYOB. Who does not like to drink a lot at a RD. In any case the liquor bill is what is really scary, and they will not be one. I have been there before, service is slow, but food is SOOO good.  Great Place. 
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