This is next on my to do list and one of the last vendors I need. We have 12 people in the WP plus the RB and FG and us. I'm not sure what we're exactly looking for yet (limo? Party bus?) so I'm wondering,

How did you work your transportation? When did you book? Who did you use for a limo or party bus? Average cost?

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Re: Transportation

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    We got a limo and town car from Lindsey Limousine.

    My parents, BMs and I took the limo to the church. H and the GMs drove themselves to the Church (or had someone drop them off. And after the ceremony, their dates took the cars). 
    Then after the ceremony the entire bridal party (8 people) took the limo, while H and I were in the town car.

    I don't remember the exact cost, but I know it was comparable to other limo companies we looked at.
  • I am getting a party bus from carriage limo for 28 people....

    We are doing a 1st look so I needed something big enough to get my entire wedding party which is 22 people

    Its picking up the guys at a local hotel and bringing them to my moms for the 1st look then bringing all of us to Aria for the ceremony/reception :)

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  • Hello! I am looking for transportation next too. I'm also looking for a party bus as we are doing a first look and Pictures before the ceremony so I'd like to keep my large wedding party together. Who are you getting the party bus from? I'm trying to find a good price and also hopefully a bus without a stripper pole....I was surprised at how many of those I saw at recent bridal shows! Thanks!
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