precana for diocese of bridgeport

Our classes are coming up and I am wondering what to expect. Has anyone had to attend these and can give me some feedback? Thanks!!

Re: precana for diocese of bridgeport

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    Ohh are you taking the ones in January??? We are too!!
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    It's really not terrible (but don't ask my FH).  We did it in October.  You don't have to really do much except sit there, watch the video (very antiquated from the 80s), listen to the presenters (who are a nice married couple) and fill in the workbook and talk with your FH about the answers.  Make sure you stay until the VERY end of the second session.  We almost left without getting our certificate!  Overall, it was pretty painless and we were both glad we're done! Good luck!  If you have any other questions, let me know!
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    yes! we are going in Jan.

    Thanks for the feedback.
  • I know this is old but I can't seem to find any info on pre-cana. I'm getting married in Trumbull, CT and the church is very lenient and accepted us as non-parishioners but I'm looking at the pre-cana registration and it says one person needs to be registered with a parish. My fiance and I are not registered anywhere because we are renting right now and do not know where we will be living in a year. Does anyone know if this is a requirement to participate in pre-cana or can I just put not registered with any parish right now on the form?
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