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I had a surprise engagement on Christmas morning!  I have been planning for a late summer/early fall wedding since I'd like to do it while the weather is still warm.  Originally, I thought we would get married in 2013, but now that the ring is already here, that just seems like too long to wait!

Does anyone have any good ideas for venues - either ceremony and reception, or just ceremony, or just reception?  FI and I, as well as most of his family, live in Litchfield county.  My family is all out of state, so they'll have to travel no matter what.  I'm estimating the headcount to be 80-100.

Most of the recommendations I've seen on here are near Hartford or down near the coast.  I haven't seen much up my way, so please just throw some ideas out there!  Thanks!
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Re: Venue Ideas - Litchfield County

  • I don't know any personally.  You might want to try to search for venue ideas. 

    I would think an outdoor park area such as Kent Falls would be beautiful. Or you might want to see if one of the fairgrounds would let you get married there, for something different (Bethlehem or Goshen?). There's a couple of places that popped up in my search:

    But I don't know any of these vendors. Good luck! 
  • Thanks a bunch!  I was actually considering Kent Falls - FI grew up in Kent, so it would be very meaningful for him.  I don't really want gawkers though, so that would be something to consider.  I'll check out those sites.
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    November 3, 2012, first place I saw and fell in LOVE, weekend destination wedding, they totally work with your budget once you speak to them!
  • I got married at Crystal Peak in Winchester and LOVED it!!! They were amazing from start to finish!! my ceremony and reception were held there, I had 90 people and got married on Oct 1st and the grounds were just beyond beautiful! talk to John and Jennifer they are a husband and wife that own and run the place and you can tell it is there pride and joy.. Our guests are still talking about how its the best wedding and the best food they have ever had at a wedding and let me tell you we have some picky people to please and best of all we were on a budget and paying ourselves and it met all of that and more!! Check them out!!
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  • Thank you so much, Amylynn!  I just sent them an email.  It looks very affordable, pretty, and is in a convenient location.  Having the ceremony and reception in one place is a plus, too!
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  • Washington Club Hall in Washington, CT is a beautiful, inexpensive option!
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