Bridal Shower location suggestion

Hi ladies,
Does anyone have any suggestions on venues for a bridal shower? I'd like to do something off the beaten path if possible. Fairfield County would be ideal - Norwalk, Westport, Stamford, Greenwich if possible.
I love Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC but don't think there's anything like that out here.
Anyone have any suggestions for a cool bridal shower spot?
We may just have to stick with a restaurant but I'd like to make it as fun as possible.
Thanks for your help!

Re: Bridal Shower location suggestion

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    Since you seem to want something different and mentioned Dylan's Candy Bar(I've never been there, but assume it's candy)....I know there's a really nice chocolate shop in Norwalk called Chocopologie. They have tables in there, and I think they serve food. Maybe something to look into!
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    What a great and different idea!! I know of this place in Fairfield that does parties (my friend went for a kid's bday party) but it looks like they do a ladies' night out thing.

    I'd be interested in hearing what you end up doing. Good luck and have fun!

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