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Right now I'm just in browsing mode so when the time comes for purchasing, I know exactly what I'm getting into. Now, I recieved a brochure from Arien Miller Photography, and hot cheese and crackers they are expensive! I never knew that it would cost so much just to take beautiful pictures, but then again the higher quality the more it will cost, right?

What were your experiences with photographers, and how did you (if you did) narrow it down to just one?

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    Yes, it can be very expensive, but I do think you can find people that are less and will still give you beautiful pictures.  Many photographers have different styles, so you first off want to make sure you look at a lot of their work.  Do you like photojournalistic stuff? more traditional?  Most people that we looked at were able to shoot in different styles, but you can definitely see which style they tend to lean toward naturally.  I personally think it's best to find someone that is photographing in their niche and that's what you like.  They'll be the most comfortable and at ease to capture things.  When you meet then, you should have standard questions you ask.  I have a list if you want what I used... PM me with your email address and I'll send it over.  You should also ask to see the full pictures from a wedding so that you're not just looking at highlight pictures of their absolutely best shots.  Look at a full photo album too that they've created in case you're interested on getting one from them.

    There are many options and add ons that you can get with photographers.  You should decide exactly what you want, must have, and what's not so important.  It will help you negotiate price and packages.  Most photographers will custom tailor a package to try to meet your desires and budget.

    Aside from the nitty gritty details, you should make sure that your personalities click.  This person will be photographing you and often directing you in poses.  You should feel at ease with them.  If they make you feel uncomfortable or you just don't like their personality, remember that they'll be capturing your memories and intimate moments.

    FYI, we used HK Photography.  You've probably heard them mentioned on the boards.  I love the style that they shoot in and they're very afforable for the quality they provide.  They've gotten very popular recently though, so they're not as easy to book, but take a look at them if you haven't already.

    Good luck!
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    I couldn't agree more, find a style you like and then meet with them to make sure your personalities mesh. You are going to sped a lot of time together so you need to get a long. I love my photographer, john at steady photography!
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    akulaji pretty much said it all :)

    This is what I did and perhaps this may help you. 
    1) Researched like crazy online.  There are TONS of photographers in the Southern New England area, whether they are in CT or out-of-state.  I would suggest not to limit yourself within the state because there are plenty of photographers based out-of-state that charge a lot less for the same stuff you may get in CT (I find that a lot of photographers are way too overpcied in CT, but just my opinion), and even with traveling expense added some are still more affordable than those in CT.
    2) Through the research you will definitely start to form a style that you like and figure out what you may want in your package.
    3) Once you figure out your style you may want to quote all of them.  I quoted all of them and figure out my price range and what I'm willing to spend.  Photography was something I was willing to splurge a little so I had a range in my mind but no set budget.
    4) Go back to the photographers that you like after you get the quotes and take a look at their pictures again and ask if they have online sample proofs to show you.  This will also be a good time to set up appointments to meet with them and see if they click with you.

    Hopefully this helps! good luck planning :)

    By the way, I booked John LoConte, who's based in MA (north of Boston!).  With his traveling expense, an engagement session and an 8hour event (only one photog though), I was well under $2000.  I will get an album at a later date so that will be something I will save up for after the wedding :)
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    I researched a TON of photographers online. I found a lot of nice photos, but then I found Val McCormick and I was totally floored. I made an appointment to meet her asap, and booked with her the same night. She was so easy to talk to. I just knew she was my photographer. I knew she would be exactly in tune with my vision. She only takes on a certain number of weddings a year to ensure each client gets the best of her. She does all of her albums herself (most places send them out to a printer). I saw numerous albums she's done and each one was breathtaking and unique. She is in the same price range as most of the other photographers in CT. Yes, you are going to spend a lot on photos, but they are the only things you'll have to remember your special day!!
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    Ditto pp!

    Yes definitely photography is expensive & if you add in videography you are adding on even more! I think you have to start off by browsing online, going to bridal shows and get reccomendations. Make a list of styles that you like based of that list, make it specific so that you know exactly what you like when you talk to these photographers. Contact them to meet so that you can get a feel for them & their personality--I think this is one of the most important aspects of your choice.

    Another thing that was really eye opening for me when choosing was packaging. I was amazed by the packages (actually lack of) that were offered. Depending on what you want, take this into consideration.

    FWIW, we chose King Vincent Storm (www. Couldn't imagine picking any others! They are great to work with, beyond personable & their packaging was phenomenial!!

    Some others to check out...

    Mia Paige Photography (

    Fotoriginals (

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    I am also going w/ Val McCormick. She is amazing!
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    im a CT bride that got married in NH (not by choice!) but it all worked out... photography was/is definitely my favorite thing and you can find many choices out there to fit your budget

    we used john loconte from and he was incredible to work with! such a nice guy and has/had great prices! worth a meeting imho!

    gl :) youll find somebody perfect for you!
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    Thanks ladies for all the advice! It'll come in handy when I decide who I'll go with in the end!
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    When we started looking for a photographer I was blown away by how expensive they all were, especially the ones I was immediately drawn to! I was completely naive to how expensive weddings are in general were actually haha

    My best advice is to just search around. We were able to get a great deal by finding a well seasoned photographer who is new to the area. When we met with them we both knew it was a perfect fit. Good luck with your searching! :o

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    Photography was very important to me so I was willing to pay more for quality photos with someone my fiance and I would feel comfortable with. 

    I started taking suggestions here and looking at blogs. I found a lot of photographers when I "google image" searched different venues I was looking at. I started to get drawn and swept away by specific photographers. 

    My list of photographers to look into was about 10-12. By contacting them my email I was able to eliminate quite a few based on their prices. We made appointments with 3 potential photographers. We made our final decision based on their work, our compatibility, and budget. 

    FWIW, We are using Val McCormick as well and so far can not be happier. After meeting with her I couldn't imagine not having Val at my wedding! 
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    Also using King Vincent Storm photography .. I love their work and packages are great. We are also using them as our videographer. They are a married couple with an awesome personality.
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    We are using Catherine Fiehn, her website is http:/ her photos floored us. We just booked her because we just got our venue secured WOO! Hoo! But I was nervous she going to get booked because I know her prices are going up soon! 
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