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inviting only one from work...

is this okay?  i work with six women and i was only going to invite one, my manager.  not because she is my manager but because we are friends outside of work and i am not really friends with the others.  how do you do this without offending anyone?

Re: inviting only one from work...

  • You send invites to people's houses so just like when school kids have parties, no one can get jealous. Just keep wedding talk to a minimum at work. People might get upset, but they'll get over it.
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  • Agree with Heather...just send it to their house, don't bring it up a ton at work, and you're golden. I only invited my three closest co-workers!
  • i'm glad i'm not the only one that might be doing this! we sent save-the-dates when i hadn't been at my job for very long, and i wasn't close to anyone so i figured i just wouldn't invite anyone from work (plus we're on a pretty tight budget). since then, i've gotten close with one of the girls i work with and i kinda want to invite her to our wedding, but i feel bad not inviting anyone else.
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  • I'm nervous about this too - I'm a teacher and am only close with a few people from work but good workplace acquaintances with a lot of others. I don't want to offend. Also, I'm not planning on inviting my boss and I'm nervous about that!
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  • Invite who you want at your wedding! If that's only one coworker, then thats fine.  Like PP said, mail the invite to their house versus hand it out at work.  Myself and two of my coworkers are engaged and the majority of the rest are married, so there is a lot of general wedding talk at our work, and some coworkers have actually said how much of a pain weddings can be due to their cost, having to get a hotel room, etc. I'm only inviting those that I'm close with that I know would like to be a part of my big day, versus people that see attending weddings as a chore!
  • I kinda let word get around that I was only inviting people I actually hang out with outside of work. I'm only inviting 3 people I work with. The list could be much bigger than that but I can't afford it. Most people will understand.
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  • I did the same thing...I worked with 50+ people in my office when I get married and only invited 3....I told them not to mention the wedding around work when we were in the office and I mailed their invites to their houses.
  • In some of the previous posts you guys mentioned to not bring it up at work, especially with those of whom you are not inviting... I totally agree with this, but what do I do if some of the people whom I'm NOT inviting are the ones bringing it up?  This has been happening a little now and I imagine as the day gets closer, it will happen even more... Thanks!
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  • I'm happy to let you all know that my wedding will be small.  Only family and some close friends.:)
  • I can't believe this is a post - we had a HUGE discussion about this last night!  My company is pretty small and all the women want details about every aspect of the wedding - so they help me with STDs, invites, etc.  But I think just because they are interested.  I've never hung out with any of them outside of work.  However, my admin thinks we are super close but in reality, we aren't close at all.  She's a busy-body, who is involved in everyone's drama, which I hate.  I thought I 'had' to invite her, but I asked the opinion of another colleage said said not to invite her if I don't want to.  There may be some hurt feelings but I've decided (as of last night, lol) only to invite my boss and no other colleagues.  Ugh - I hate this work stuff....if we close down our doors tomorrow I would never talk to these people again, so why invite them to my wedding.

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