Bridesmaids hair/make up

Who typically pays for bridesmaids hair/make up?
I would like all my bridesmaids to get their hair done but I do not want to make them get their make up done if they don't want to.

Re: Bridesmaids hair/make up

  • If you require that they get it done, you pay for it. Otherwise, they pay for it themselves (or do their own hair/makeup).
  • Ditto to PP - If you are requiring that they get their hair and makeup or other service done by a professional, you are obligated to pay for it.  If you are giving them the option to get it done professionally or do it themselves, then they pay for whatever they want to get done (hair, makeup, nails, tanning, whatever it may be)...
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  • I am paying for it for my bridesmaids- but not requiring it. If they want it done, that's fine, I'll cover it, but if not, then they can do it themselves!
  • I wanted my BM hair done so I'm paying for it.  I told them it was up to them if they wanted makeup done and told them how much it would cost to have the girl that is doing mine do theirs.  They're paying for makeup if they want it.
  • I didn't require my girls to get anything done, but I gave them the option and told them I would pay the deposits ($25 for hair and $25 for makeup).  All of the girls chose to get their hair done and 3/5 chose to get makeup done.  I also paid the deposits for my mom, aunt, and FI's mom.

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    I left everything optional for my girls- including how they wore their hair.  I gave them the price range for hair/ makeup well in advance.  My mom ended up paying $50 toward each girl's services, regardless of what they had done.  This was separate from my BM gifts, though. 

    All of the girls opted to have hair done and 4/5 opted for makeup. 
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