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Ok so I need opinions... When I originally went BM shopping we all decided on this dress: but I'm not completely sold. I would have the bow in the back removed and it become a loop hole sash. Heres the dilema my sister MOH really likes it... so I was thinking that they BM (there's 3 of them) could all be similar but a little different... There dress would all be the same colors Lilac with a champagne sash but each one would have a different dress... the 3 dress would be the original for my sister and then for my sister in law and  for my best friend.

What do you think? Should I stick with them all having the first dress... or should I go with the different dresses that are all very similar?

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    none of the links worked for me! But it could be my computer!
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    the links don't work but i just went to the designers website and looked up the style numbers.  Your bridesmaids don't need to be in the same dress.  The dresses look really similar so you're fine if they pick those dresses but in the same color. Even if they didn't look similar your bridesmaids can wear different dresses but in the same color.  The only thing with that is the material needs to go together.  ex.  I wouldn't put one girl in chiffon and the other satin.  It just woudn't look right.
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    To me if you remove the bow on the first dress you are basically making dress number 125 aren't you? Or am I wrong?
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    The three dresses look so much the same, I don't really see the point in ordering the three different styles. You should also keep price in mind- make sure you're not charging one girl a lot more if she has a different dress. 

    Honestly, all three look nice and I don't see any problem with having the girls in all the same dress or the three different styles. 
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    The links don't work for me either, but my BMs are in Bill Levkoff dresses.  I  said they had to pick a navy, knee length, chiffon dress.  There were a bunch of different options and they're all priced about the same. I think will this designer the dresses look so similar it looks fine if you want to have your girls in different dresses. If you're going to have them in different dresses I'd let them pick instead of deciding yourself, but obviously I'm a little biased since that's what I did!

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    I think it's fine if they're all in different dresses.  My girls are wearing Bill Levkoff too, and I just gave them 5 styles to choose from....they're all the same length, color, and fabric though. 
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