Money/Vendor questions

What are you approximately paying for your vendors etc
Photo booth
make up and hair
food ppl

I have some of these, but I'm curious as to how I did.

Re: Money/Vendor questions

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    Music - came with my venue so not sure
    Photo - approx 3k
    Photo booth - didn't have
    flowers - approx 2k
    dress/veil - approx 2k and my veil was something borrowed
    make up and hair - including trials.. maybe 400?
    food ppl - i think it averaged 128 pp

    hope that helps!
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    Music: not booked yet, don't know
    Photo: about 3k, we will pay for an album after the wedding for another $1200
    Photo booth: not doing
    flowers: $1k max
    dress/veil: Dress $800 + whatever alterations might be, + cleaning/preservation for $225, and I just had to order undergarments for another $120
    make up and hair: $300
    food ppl: about $60 pp
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    Photo booth-not doing
    flowers -2300
    dress/veil-dress with alterations was 4k, don't have a veil yet
    make up and hair-airbrush day of makeup 135, spent 100 on trials, dont have hair yet
    food ppl-170/person
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    Music: 1050, will be another 150 for ceremony if we decide to include that
    Photo:1350, inc. engagement picts. video, will buy album later: 1600
    Photo booth: not doing
    flowers: meeting in Jan.  doing my own centerpieces (beach themed) so I only need ceremony dec. and bouquets- budget is under 1000
    dress/veil: dress 1000, no veil yet.  Have looked online and will stay under 200
    make up and hair: Makeup total under 200 for day of and trial, she is traveling to the wedding site for free.
    food ppl- almost exactly 100 pp.  This includes 5 hours top shelf open bar, many appetizers, cake and venetian table too!
  • cgbabe229cgbabe229 member
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    Music - about $1,000
    Photo - about $3,000 (but comes with our album)
    Photo booth - about $700 (got a special because it was through our photographer and they offered a special to clients who were already booked for photography because it was something new that they are adding to what they offer)
    Flowers - about $1,200 (we aren't using them for centerpieces though)
    Make up and hair - $0!  (My mom's a hairdresser so her shop is doing my entire wedding party's hair and makeup)
    Food ppl - about $75 per person with open bar and cake included

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    Oops! I missed the Dress/veil -- dress was $1,100 and veil was another $75.  I haven't gotten any alterations or undergarmets as of yet though
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    Music - not sure yet
    Photo - $1800, incl engagement session
    Photo booth - not doing it
    flowers - doing my own centerpieces, think it will be $300 or so for those, not sure howmuch for boquets yet
    dress/veil - Dress was $300 (!!!) I haven't gotten any of theaccessories, I don't think i need too many alterations
    make up and hair - I think my makeup will be $145 including trial, not sure the cost for the hair because I booked my regular hair dresser and didn't ask
    food ppl - I think it's about$115, including open bar, service, linens and glassware
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    Music: DJ: 1200, Ceremony musicians: 440
    Photo: 3100 including album, 2 photographers, engagement session, unlimited hours day of the wedding
    Photo booth: not having
    flowers: 2500-3000
    dress/veil: I won my dress!!  alterations were $420, veil was $120 (but because I won my dress, my mom paid for the alterations and veil!)
    make up and hair: My cousin is doing my make-up but I am paying for her to do all of my bridesmaids which will be about $200, hair will be about $90/100, but not sure how much my trial will be--that will be on January 15.
    food pp: total: 84/pp including cake, open bar: with tax, gratuity, etc, it comes to $106/pp.  

    Good luck!! :)
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  • JodiArielJodiAriel member
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    Music - $1200 for dj, dancer, and ceremony setup
    Photo - $3200 but we are bartering $1000 of that
    Photo booth- not sure yet, so far prices seem to be around $900
    flowers - will figure it out in Jan
    dress/veil- dress was $800, idk how much alterations will be and my ex's mom is making my veil as a gift to me
    make up and hair - havent figured it out yet but it looks like around $300
    food ppl - about 80/pp not including the alcohol but we are providing that ourselves(FI is a liquor salesman)
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    Music: ~1000, ceremony and reception
    Photo: 3800
    Photo booth: Included in photo
    flowers: ~1600
    dress/veil: dress=FREE! (I won it in a online contest) Haven't found a veil yet, but refuse to pay over $100
    make up and hair: 175
    food ppl: 115 after taxes and gratuity

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  • kate212kate212 member
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     Music: DJ: 800
    Photo: 1500
    Photo booth: not having
    flowers: 850
    dress/veil: 700 for dress (no alterations yet), haven't picked veil yet
    make up and hair: including trial, travel expense and tips- prob 400-500
    food pp: total: 95 per person
  • blipsettprblipsettpr member
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    Music - 1500 for 2 djs for 5 hours
    Photo - 2500 includes all photos, 2 photographers, engagement, all day on wedding.
    Photo booth - $1000 for 4 hours, photobook, 2 print outs, and a person to run the photobooth
    flowers - 3000. I have so many tables to do centerpieces for that it drove up the price.
    dress/veil - I splurged for my dress. It cost about 6k.
    make up and hair - about 200.
    food ppl - 120
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    Music--$100.00 an hour so with ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception comes to $700
    Photo--$2300 includes engagement session, 2 photographers for 10 hrs
    Photo booth--Not doing one
    flowers--Meeting in January
    dress/veil--Dress was $320!!! No veil yet
    make up and hair--2 makeup artists, airbrushed makeup. $100 for brides, $45 for BM, $45 for bride trial. My aunt owns a hair salon so myself and BM ae FREE =)
    food ppl--$110 a person
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    What are you approximately paying for your vendors etc
    Music- friends DJ'ed on my laptop. $125 got us mics and speakers for rent
    Photo- 5K
    Photo booth- didn't have
    flowers- $320
    dress/veil- just under 1K for dress, veil, shoes, hair accesories and jewelry
    make up and hair- about $450 for 3 ppl inc. my trial, travel and tip
    food ppl- our catering bill came to just under $17K for apps, dinner, cake and ice cream, open bar, linens, chairs and thirteen staff for 125 guests.  We paid out another $1.5K for tip
  • megbrooks2011megbrooks2011 member
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    Music - $1,200 for DJ, not sure for ceremony and cocktail hour Trio-parents paying for that.
    Photo - $4,700 (2 photographers, unlimited hours, e-pics, e-pic book and album)
    Photo booth - Not doing
    flowers - approx. $2,000
    dress/veil - Dress - $2,700 (plus alterations) and veil is something borrowed
    make up and hair - $450 (trials, hair/makeup, tips and travel expense)
    food ppl - $160 (apps, open bar, four course meal, cake and dessert table)
  • starrbuk13starrbuk13 member
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    Music - free, we borrowed an ipod from one of our GM & used our venue's speaker system.
    Photo - $3,500.
    Flowers  - $400ish.  (5 bouquets, 6 bouts & 2 corsages.  we didn't decorate with flowers.)
    Dress & veil -  $250 + $250 for alterations
    Make up & hair - $110 for day-of hair, $70 or so for my trial.  I did my own makeup...I probably spent $100 or so on products though.
    Food - around $5,000, including food, service, tips, tax, open bar, Ben & Jerry's sundae bar, and rentals (that's everything i think), for 52 people.
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    Music: DJ-$2200, Ceremony Musician- $750
    Photo: $2000 not including album, only for all the RAW images (DH and I did all the editing)
    Photo booth: didn't have one
    flowers: $1700 
    dress/veil: $2000
    make up and hair: trial and day of for me was $350 but I ended up paying for two other BMs and all the tips so ended up close to $800. 
    food ppl: $120 (cake was including in the package).
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    Music- DJ- $895 including ceremony music.
    Photos- $3300 includes on location engagement session, customized photo album, and customized guest book made with our engagement photos.
    Photo Booth- not having.
    Flowers- about $1500 we are still awaiting the final cost.
    Dress/veil- Dress was marked at 1300, talked the owner into giving it to me for his cost paid $1150. Veil I bought brand new never used on craigslist for $70.
    Makeup and Hair- Trial $120 day of wedding $110, plus a $40 deposit.
    Food- $65 pp including full four hour open bar, stations, cocktail hour ( cake not included).
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    Music-775 for 4 hr DJ; 400 for ceremony/cocktail hour steel drummer
    Photo-1900 for 6 hrs and free engagement session; additional to buy album
    Photo booth-NA
    flowers-1800 for 10 centerpieces, ceremony flowers, and bouquets for me and 4 BM; not doing corsages for moms or bout for guys.
    dress/veil-1200 plus alterations from Mariellas; no veil but headband was 75
    make up and hair-240 for updo and airbrush makeup; no trial (no time to do it ahaead of time since wedding is in KW)
    food ppl-157pp plus tax and tip; includes full 5hr bar, passed apps and stations at cocktail hour, salad and two choices of entree, and dessert/coffee bar.

    Mine might be off since our wedding is in KW but still a CT bride:)
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    Where is KW??
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    @Mgillanders - if you don't mind me asking, who was your airbrush makeup artist? $45 sounds like my price range :)
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