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how early?

How early is too early to book a Honeymoon?  I think that me and my FI want to go on cruise.  I know that right now they are offering an "early saver".  Is it worth it or should we just wait?

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Re: how early?

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    I always heard to book your honeymoon atleast 3 months in advance. If your going during a busy time then I would recommend doing that. I know that for our resort we had to book our honeymoon 5 months ahead because they were running out of honeymoon suites and the prices were sooo low. The same resort and room right now is double the money. We also shopped around A LOT though!
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    If you know that's what you want to do and the price is good, go for it.

    I book any vacation once we're sure we want to go.  Sometimes that's many months in advance, sometimes it's a few weeks in advance!
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    We booked ours about five months early.  I got a good discount (free dining at WDW), and it was fun to focus on something other than disaterous DIY centerpieces, cancelled photographers, and nosy relatives for a little bit.  I check my reservations every couple of days just to remind myself of how much fun my man and I are going to have.
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    We booked ours as soon as the airfare came out which was 10 months before.  I am so glad we did b/c our flights have almost trippled in cost.
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    We booked a little over three months in advance. It would have been earlier, but we weren't 100% sure where we wanted to go, or how much time my fiance would be able to get off of work. I think it's fine to book as soon as you are certain of your dates, budget, and location.
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    We booked ours 7 months in advance because they airfare was cheap.  Had we waited it would have tripled the price.
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    We booked ours 14 months in advance. This was because we did extensive research and decided upon the location and resort and wanted to secure 1 of the only 2 honeymoon bures at the resort. Airfare wasn't available until a few months later, but as soon as it was, our travel agent called us to let us know it was time to book the flights to ensure we got good seats.

    Once you know what you want, go ahead and book. You'll definitely benefit from booking early, as you'll get early bird specials and be locked in if the price goes up, but if it goes down, you'll receive extra onboard credit. It's a win-win situation!
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    I would say we did ours about 4 months out... with a 7 month engagement I think that's pretty good!
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    if that's what you want then book it. not sure why this is even a question if the fares are on sale.......


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    We booked ours as soon as we had a contract with our reception venue, since we knew what we wanted to do.  This was about 15 months before our honeymoon!

    The early saver (if you're talking about Carnival's Early Saver rates) is great because is the price drops after you book, you can apply to get that credit as on board credit.  So, if you book today for $700 a person, and tomorrow the price drops to $650 a person, you'll get $50 a person back as on board credit.  As far as I can tell, you can do this as many times as the price drops.

    We had to change our cruise date back in December because our reception venue bumped our event for a government contract. Since December, the cruise rates have gone up by $130 a person.  Maybe there's still hope that it will drop below the price that we paid...

    Keep in mind though, that the Early Saver rate requires a $250 per person non-refundable deposit.
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    I usually have most vacations booked by the 6 month mark.  If it's a good deal and you know you want to go there, might as well!
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