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Hey everyone~

I'm looking for some ideas for the Bridal Party Entrance into the reception.  I want something that's not really the "normal" song (like get this party started, etc.)  but want something with a good beat.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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    For my sisters wedding, each bridesmaid and groomsmen pair got to pick their own song and makeup their own dance. The bride and groom then picked their favorite pair and awarded them $100! The crowd really enjoyed it!
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    We are not having the bridal pick their songs, but each will be walking in/introduced with a different song (they don't know it yet, so it will even be a surprise to them!)
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    We had our bridal party walk in to Brass Bonanza (as we're both hockey fans, and DH LOVED the Whalers) and we walked in to New York New York (both Yankee fans). The guests seemed to enjoy Brass Bonanza, because it was different, and it was relevant to us.

    Your DJ might also be able to offer you some advice :)
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    what songs did you girls pick for the different couples?
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    I am letting couples pick their own songs based on their preference- so far we have LMFAO Party Rock Anthem, Lady GaGa- Just Dance, Dropkicks- Shipping Up to Boston, Neil Diamond- Sweet Caroline, The Avengers theme song and parents introduced to "Love & Marriage by Frank Sinatra.
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    I have some music recs in my planning bio under music suggestions!!! One of the best parts of the reception!! So much fun!!!
    **Password: kls114**
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    My friend did Now That We Found Love by Heavy D &The Boys from the Hitch soundtrack, that was a great one.

    Another did Night on Disco Mountain from Saturday Night Live

    and we used First Snow from Trans-Siberian Orchestra (ours was a winter wedding)

    I liked doing something instrumental so you can hear what the DJ is saying better, and then you don't feel like you're repeating a song if you pick a top 20 that people will want to dance to later.
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    These are all great suggestions!  Thank you so much!
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