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Has anyone heard of people booking their honeymoon or trips from groupon. If you have I would like to know there experience. Groupon is an discounted deals for trips etc.

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    We didn't book our HM thought them, but we did buy a Groupon for our upcoming trip to Roatan, which is just for the hotel stay, we booked our flights separately.  Upon seeing the deal, we researched the resort on tripadvisor and also asked questions in the 'discussion' section on Groupon which the resort staff were prompt in answering.  We had no issues booking the room, and I don't forsee any issues once we actually go.

    We also purchased a differnt type of travel Groupon before which was for a company that does vacation rentals in several different places.  It was valid for one week in any location they had available on their specific "Groupon" inventory list.  We just used it this past February to go to Kauai and we had no issues with that experience either.  My ILs purchased the same exact deal and used theirs for a week on the Big Island in April, and they had no issues either.
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    I would definitely do it if I found the right deal, but beware most have dates you can and cannot use them, and the expirtion dates are not ver far away.
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    Okay thanks so much I got a little scared while some ppl were sAying there trips got canceled where did you go to plan your honey moon?
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    We did have an issue at one point where we booked a room in a B+B through them. It was only good on the lower priced rooms though, and when we called to book about 3 weeks after buying it, all of those rooms were already booked for the weekends. (We had paid extra for the weekend version of this Groupon). Since the other rooms where booked, they tried to sell us on upgrading for another $50-$100, which we didn't have. We had to call Groupon and get a refund. It worked out OK, but if you buy, I'd say to book right away and not count on it until you are actually booked.
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    Read the fine print and also review the places on tripadvisor.  I've looked at a couple deals that looked great, but the resort/hotel had terrible reviews on Tripadvisor.

    I also rec signing up for Travelzoo emails.  We just booked a trip through them and the hotels are all well ranked
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    If you use a groupon you need to be really flexible with dates. We had already bought our plane tickets to California & found one for a B&B there...and then when I tired to book the B&B the dates we needed we wanted were taken and I had to go through the refund process, which wasn't that hard, but kind of disappointing.
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    A year ago, we got a great deal to go to Belize for a week on Groupon.  The hotel was great but there was literally nothing in the surrounding area.  Transportation costed a lot! Basically,  the hotel roped us in and wanted us to buy their daily excursions--about $100pp for each daily trip. Um, no thank you!  So, we ended up going into town and finding a local to drive us to the locations we wanted to visit and take us out in his fishing boat to the local reefs to go snorkeling. I would def recommend the Groupon deals because our deal was great.  Just make sure to do your research. .once you are there, I bet they are counting on you to buy their overpriced excursions. 
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