How far in advance do you need to book transportation?

Basically all we have left on our list in terms of vendors is selecting a limo company.  We are not super particular on this and basically just looking for the best deal. First, my question is, how far in advance can you book a limo company and secondly, any recommendations?

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Re: How far in advance do you need to book transportation?

  • I'm not sure how far in advance you can book a limo, but I would assume for a wedding you can book up to a year out. We booked ours 8 months in advance. The company we used is Black Swan Limousine--we booked an antique Rolls Royce, and two stretch limos. So far they've been great. I've also heard good things about Premier Limousine and Gateway. I've used them for birthdays before.
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  • It depends.  If you're getting married at a busy time, like prom season, then you'll have to book earlier.  If you want something super specific and not readily available, you'll have to book sooner.  If you just want a standard limo, you probably could wait until a few weeks before and still have no problem finding one.

    I'd say you're probably safe to start looking casually and book in the next few weeks/months.



  • I think about 4 months in advance.
  • Thanks for the advice, ladies :)

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  • Did you go to the Woodwinds bridal show?  There were 2 companies was like $500 something just to go 20 minutes (there was a min amt of time) and there was another one that was $213.  We weren't going to go with a limo but since all the girls are getting ready at my parents house it was easier for us to get a limo rather than them and their significant others having 2 cars at the wedding.  Let me know if you want their info, the last time I checked their website was outdated.  PM me and let me know in a new post (I'm really bad about coming back to old posts).

  • We booked Premier Limo 6 months out. :)
    One of the companies I contacted was already booked for our date!
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