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I need some advice for my magnet save the dates! They didn't have space on them to put my wedding I was thinking of getting free VP cards with our wedding website on it and a little note saying to check it out...I don't want to just put it in with the save the date, I'm afraid people will throw out the envelope without thinking there might be something else in it! So my thought was to buy some inexpensive blank cards with a design that goes with our theme or colors on them, and some how attach the wedding website card to the top of the inside of the card, and the save the date magnet to the bottom part of the card...does that make sense?

Anyways, I need ideas on how to make the save the date removable from the actual card- it's magnet so it's not paper on paper- you know how you get gift cards, and they're attached to something and there is sticky stuff on the back that allows you to remove it? Something like that. Any ideas? Is this a weird way to do my save the date? The magnet dimensions are 3.5 x 4 and here's a picture:

TIA :)

Re: Help with Save the Dates- PIP

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    I used glue dots (at Jo-Annes, Michaels) and put a few dots on the back of my STD magnet and stuck it to a VP postcard that had some more info...then found some envelopes at Staples that would fit the postcard.

    **BTW, your Save the Date is awesome!!

    Good Luck!
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    Just wanted to say, seeing your Save the Date made me excited cuz we're doing the same color scheme, and getting married in Mystic also :)  (the Seaport)

    I agree with the previous post--I think if you stuck the magnet onto a card that's a little bigger than the magnet (maybe pink to go with the color scheme?) and had the website across the bottom, it would work perfectly.
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    i will go with Vanessa's idea (glue dots)
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    We did the same (a magnet on a card)...and used the removable Glue Dots - worked perfectly!

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    Can I ask you where you ordered your save the date from? It's gorgeous! :)

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    Thanks everyone! Glue dots it is! Maybe I will do a postcard from VP...hmmm...FI and my mom think I'm going overboard but I really want my wedding website included!

    I ordered my STDs from my day of coordinator- no clue what vendor it is- but I'm in love with it. Thanks everyone, I'm so excited...mailing them out in Sept, I need time to address everything!
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    I agree with PPs. Glue dots are the way to go. We just ordered 100 postcards from VP then stuck our magnets to them with glue dots. BTW- love your design! :o

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    We purchased the magnet holders and added information on that. We also added hotel information too!  Good luck!
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