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waxing question

Never had a wax "down there" but I was thinking of doing it for our honeymoon.  I don't want to go with brazillian (mainly b/c of cost) 
I want to remove enough hair to make it more comfortable for him when hes up close and personal down there.  
What has worked for people in the past and what are yalls experience with waxing?

Note: this board is not for ppl saying I shouldn't do anything because he should accept me the way I am.  He does accept me hair and all, but I want to do something new and different for our honeymoon and this was my choice to do this. 
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Re: waxing question

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    I get regular bikini waxes every 5 weeks.  Not sure when your hm is, but try it out now and see what you think.  Some people get some irritation, so you don't want to try it for the first time right before you leave.  Take a couple tylenol or advil before you go to help with the pain.  It doesn't hurt too bad, but just in case.  It takes all of 10 minutes.  
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    mlg78mlg78 member
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    I second the suggestion of trying it now, prior to your honeymoon, to see how you react.  Waxing in your nether region is much different from other locations.
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    I found I had some bumps and irritation for about a week after, so I timed a waxing 1.5 to 2 weeks before a trip to Hawaii.
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    tlc35tlc35 member
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    Agree with PP. I am going to get a bikini wax before the HM so I think it is a good idea but I would definitely try it out before then in case your skin doesn't react well.
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    I have been getting Brazilians every month since I was 18 or so, and nothing is smoother than the day after. However, some people get bumps initially that go down later on, and the only way to find out which camp you are in is to try it out in advance. I find that I am at my smoothest the first week, and after that I tend to get a little more itchy as the hair starts growing back under the skin. So for me, I want to get my wax ASAP before the trip. Like, if I could, I would be in the airport bathroom getting a Brazilian.

    Like I said, only way to find out how it will turn out for you is to go in advance. For a first timer looking to sex it up on their honeymoon, I would reccommend a very close bikini wax, as well as doing "the back". Doesn't hurt, and it feels good knowing you are very neat down there.

    Tips for day off: Dont go the week before your period, make sure you are clean and dry, and trim any super long hairs to a more reasonable length. This will make the wax less painful. Hold the skin around where the wax is taut before they pull, and exhale on the pull. Dont tense up or pull away. That first night, put Neosporin on the area. It helps reduce irritation, redness, and reduces the chance of infections leading to ingrowns. Oh and exfoliate! It migh seem like it will make the hairs come out faster, but it also sloughs off dry skin taht will create a barrier and make you get ingrowns, which you DO NOT WANT.

    Good luck!
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    I just do it myself - I don't go full brazilian because eventually I lose interest (it does take a long time), but doing it myself lets me make sure I do it in an order that minimizes pain.

    It takes about an hour for the wax to heat, so I take 2 advil while it's heating, then shower right before the waxing starts to soften the hair.  This will sound weird, but I'm a baby so I also use a little orajel on the area right before I wax.  In 2-3 min it's pretty numb, and that also reduces pain (though let's be honest - it's never fully pain free).  The hair needs to be very short before you go get it done.  The longer it is, the more painful it will be.  There really only needs to be about 1/8-1/4 inch for the wax to grab. 

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    Also, while I don't forsee anyone saying you shouldn't do it, what this is not a board for is telling others how to post.  It comes across as rude and bossy, so please don't do it.  You cannot control how people on the internet post and trying to just reflects poorly on you.

    So basically you're telling me not to do exactly what you're doing?
    I've had ppl give me flack before and it turned into an argument back and forth among posters and it got completely off topic.  
    On this board, I was looking for advice and didn't want it to turn into drama.  Just simply letting ppl know if they were bringing that drama then they should take their posts elsewhere...I wasn't telling them how to post, just didn't want the drama. 
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