Oh man is this right??

I just called our hotel to find our totally cost, we have a package that is paid for but there is a separate resort fee due at check in. And they say the need a $130.00 per day deposit on hold on our credit card?? I'm in tears! We are there for 9 days so $1170?? Can that be right?? 

Re: Oh man is this right??

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    What hotel is this? I've heard of resort fees, not THAT high....
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    Deposit is totally different than a resort fee.  A deposit would be for incidentals like the mini-bar or anything you charge to your room, like room service, parking, etc.

    A deposit is like when you rent a car, and they put a hold on $1500.  You'll get it back (unless you spend it) but you just need to make sure you have that much room on your credit card for the hold.  I'd double check, but it sounds like that is what it is, so not a huge deal.

    The resort fees are usually no more than around $25/person per day maximum, even at 5 star hotels.  That definitely sounds like a hold.



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    It's probably just a hold. We stayed at Intercontinental San Juan post cruise for two nights and they put a $100 security deposit hold for each night we stayed but we also got charged about $14 a day for the resort fee. The hold came off of my credit card probably a couple of days after we checked out. We weren't told of the security deposit when I booked the hotel and had to call the front desk about the hold to find out what it's for. Fortunately I had enough credit limit to cover it. 
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