Checks/DIY-- PIP Heavy & Long

I have been very succesful and productive the last few days!

- All invitations are stuffed, addressed (by my aunt who has awesome caligraphy handwriting!) and ready to be mailed in about a month!

-Did a tria run of DIY Glitter shoes.... my MOH and I split a pair of clearance shoes from Target to experiment with. I have been on the hunt for pink glitter shoes for awhile now, and have not found any. I was more than happy with how these came out, however, I am nervous that the glitter will peel off- I bought a very sturdy peep toe pair of suede open toe heels to do for my official wedding shoes- plus I'm only wearing them for the ceremony, so I'm hoping all will be well! Going to put them out in the rain next time it rains to see what happens!

I mixed Modge Podge and hot pink fine glitter together, then painted about 3 layers on the shoe. The front part I sprinkled with glitter on top of the modge podge to see what would happen. If anyone wants a detailed tutorial, let me know- I'm making my for real wedding sheos this weekend!

Next- convinced my aunt to make me 10 seashell pomander balls! I love these things-  but they're time consuming- so she agreed to make me 10! Sorry for the awful pictures, it's much better looking from a different angle. I have to figure out how to suspend it now...

For the reception, I am having all my bridesmiads put their boquets in mason's jars in random places to use for decorations. I'm especially in love with these- I love the lace & hot pink ribbon (which I made by combining the two seperate ribbons). My boquet will be in the Mason Jar with the starfish on it- we are putting stones in the bottom to hold it down and water!

Made Mr. & Mrs. signs for back of chairs- only have a picture of one, but the other is just the opposite colors, Navy backround and Pink Mr.

And Last but not least, my favorite christmas present- Irish Wedding Frame from ireland with infinity knots all around and the irish wedding blessing...

Sorry it's sideways! Just FYI- pomander balls, masons jars and mr. & mrs signs will be for sale after April 14- I know it's still far away- but if anyone wants any of these, let me know!

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