Lord Thompson Manor

I'm looking for some details on Lord Thompson Manor.  I love the grounds and the philosophy of a wedding weekend, but I'm not sure I love that dinner is split up into a few rooms.  Also, there doesn't look to be much of a dance floor area, it looks more like a foyer.  Anyone get married/attend a wedding here that can give an opinion?


Re: Lord Thompson Manor

  • Ugh. I LOVE Lord Thompson. We considered the venue, but it was just too far out of our budget. I saw our photographer shot there this fall. It looks amazing, but I agree, the division of rooms can be awkward. Hopefully someone on the boards has gone to a wedding there. I loved that you can stay in the mansion for the weekend!
  • I went to a wedding there this past October. FI was in the wedding so we stayed in the manor. It was unbelievable. The staff goes above and beyond to make the events beautiful and enjoyable. Food was delicious. Plenty of room to dance but the seating was a little awkward. We sat w the bridal party so we had a blast, but for the bride and groom they kept leaving to go visit people in the other rooms. Once dinner was over though it was fine because everyone was in the dancing area. the outdoor area is such a huge asset too. Seriously such a fun fun weekend!
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