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XP: Honeymoon Excursion Advice

I am looking to start choosing and booking excursion for our honeymoon -- we are taking a mediterranean cruise.  Since neither of us have ever travelled to Europe, I though I'd ask to see if there was any particular places that you can recommend as "must see" in any of our ports.

The places we will be stopping in: Barcelona (Spain), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Florence/Pisa (Italy), Rome (Italy), Naples/Capri (Italy), Mykonos (Greece), Istanbul (Turkey), Kusadasi (Turkey), Athens (Greece), and Venice (Italy).

Any advice for any of these locations would be very much appreciated!  Thanks ladies.
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Re: XP: Honeymoon Excursion Advice

  • I've been to most of those locations but not on a cruise.  How long will you have at each port- is it a couple of hours or an entire day or two?

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    Ok, no response from you about how much time you have but here are the things I liked best about the ports I've been to:

    Florence/Pisa: agreed with PP, skip Pisa and spend your time in Florence.  For both here and Rome, get advance tickets to museums/the Vatican wherever possible, because lines can get prohibitively long.  We took a tour there with an art history professor specializing in Michaelangelo, and we visited the Michaelangelo museum, the Uffizi, and other smaller museums.  Also loved- the duomo (skipped going up the tower, went into the baptistry with the big ornate gates instead), Pitti Palace, Ponte Vecchio.

    Rome: Take a long Vatican tour, it's so impressive.  Trevi Fountain at night if possible, walk by the old forum but you don't need to tour it, Capitoline Museum, Colosseum, Pantheon, San Luigi dei Francesi, Piazza Navona, Spanish steps, Villa Borghese.  The best day trip (half day, actually) was to the Tivoli Gardens at Villa d'Este.  Amazingly pretty!

    Mykonos: If you're feeling adventurous, visit some of the wild "Paradise" beaches :)  The town is cute, check out the windmills, and buy some cheap jewelry.

    Istanbul: One of my favorite cities ever.  If you can, go over to the Asian side of the river.  Other must-sees: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace.

    Kusadasi: Ephesus is a must-visit.  Also: Pergamum, Asklepion, Priene, Miletus, Didyma, Pamukkale- the terraced "cotton castle," Hieropolis, the house of the Virgin Mary.  In Kusadasi itself, there is a big market close to the port.  Walk through the streets of Kusadasi or rent a chair on one of the little beaches.

    Athens: We day-tripped to the Pelopponesian Peninsula twice and loved seeing the history there, but you may not have time for that.  Same with Aegina/Glyfada/Vouliagmeni/Temple of Poseidon.  In actual Athens: Parthenon, Acropolis, National Museum of Athens, the shops of the Plaka, Kolonaki is the upscale shopping area,  Hadrian's Gate, Skoufa street for nightlife, Syntagma Square, the ancient Agora, Monastiraki.

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  • I agree that Tivoli is a must see too!
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