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Greece/Turkey in October

Hi!  My FI and I have decided on an 11 day honeymoon to Greece and Turkey in early October.  We've decided against the doing a cruise, and just ferrying/flying between the cities/islands. If anyone has any suggestions/must-sees/itineraries they've used, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Greece/Turkey in October

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    No suggestions of itineraries; but one of our best couple friends did Istanbul and Greece for their HM last October and despite the strikes, etc, they had a fabulous time! It was still warm enough for them to have some beach time too. Enjoy!
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    We did a mediteranean cruise last year on our hm and went to both Greece and Turkey.  In Greece we stopped in Athens and I thought that was the most dissapointing part of our trip.  The city was extremely dirty and when we went to the ruins we couldn't touch anything or get super close.  I would stick with the islands if I went back to Greece like mikonos/santorini.  

    Now Turkey, that was our favorite stop.  The port city was Kusadasi, which was super cool.  There's a huge market area and the people were very friendly.  We also did a tour of ancient Ephesus which was awesome.  You can get right up close to all the ruins and touch them.  I would recommend both places in Turkey.  
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    I posted trip report in our blog. We went to Athens, Mykonos, and Santorini and had a great time! Didn't make it to Turkey but if you do, definitely do Istanbul and Cappadocia.
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    Thanks!  Definitely looking forward to Turkey --Cappadocia looks awesome!

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    11 days will be difficult to do Greece & Turkey- you'll have to make lots of tough decisions on where to visit! (but totally do-able.) I would recommend prioritizing Mykonos & Santorini in Greece and Istanbul in Turkey. You can visit the Cappadocia region of Turkey in 1-2 days, but Istanbul itself can easily take 4 days so if you don't have time for anything else, I would say do Istanbul. Lonely Planet message boards have lots of suggestions/itineraries.

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