New to Southern CT!

Hi Knotties!

My Fiance and I are moving to SE CT this weekend for his new job. 

We are going to be living in the Milford/Orange area and being an MA girl exiled to Long Island for the past two years, I am not familiar with the area.

Any suggestions on good restaurants or shopping?
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Re: New to Southern CT!

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    Orange has a Christmas Tree Shop!!! That's what I'd be most excited about!  They also have a pretty good county fair coming up.  Milford has some fun bars and restaurants, Archie Moore's, Stonebridge (outside bar with a little waterfall), something that used to be cancun charlies but now it has a different Mexican name.  There is everything you could think of on the Boston Post road in Milford.  This is actually Route 1 that goes all the way to Florida.  They have Olive Garden, a thousand furniture stores, the Post Mall will probably be your go to mall, and every other store you could ask for.  Let me know if you need to find anything specific!
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    We had Jenny at the Milford Whole Foods floral department provide our flowers for the wedding.  I love Whole Foods!  And, yes, it is right on Boston Post Road.

    Also, La Cuisine in Branford provided our catering.  They have great food!
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    Welcome to CT! :)

    Plan B Burger Bar is opening in the Milford Whole Foods Plaza on Friday. Delicious burgers and good drinks! (I've eaten at the Glastonbury and Simsbury locations.)

    Dip Top, located on the Post Road/Route 1 in Orange has yummy ice cream. Also check out Nuvita Forzen Yogurt & Cafe in Orange.

    Right next to the Christmas Tree Shop mentioned by PP, is Julia's Bakery. Definitely my go to place for cakes, breads, and any other baked good!

    As far as shopping the Post Road has everything from BB&B, Marshalls, Banana Republic, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Two Targets, DSW, Kohls, and as PP mentioned the mall (Panera, Red Robin, Black Bear, Buffalo Wild Wings, a movie theater and more.)

    Besides Whole Foods, there is also a Trader Joe's and a Stop & Shop.

    Let me know if you have any questions. I could go on and on about this area!

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    You guys are awesome!

    Moving truck pulls in tomorrow morning, thanks for the tips!
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    Welcome! I'm from central CT, so I don't know too much about Milford and Orange, but I do love Connecticut! :)
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    Where in Mass are you originally from?  I'm also a transplant, though it's been 10 years now.  :-)
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    Grew up in Central MA (Concord Area) and went to HS on the South Shore and college in Boston.
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    No idea about Milford area, but WELCOME to the CT boards :)
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    I'm the opposite of you!  Grew up in CT and live outside of Boston now :)  We're getting married in Milford though!  I'm not too familiar with what to recommend there but enjoy CT!
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    Do you mean SW CT? Southeast is New London county, but Milford etc. Is Western New Haven county AKA almost Fairfield county. Milford is a great area for shopping and eating - you can find pretty much anything there - I like the Post Mall the best out of all the malls in the state.
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