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We're getting married at the end of August and I'm going on my honeymoon at the end of October. I don't NEED a passport, we're doing a cruise to Hawaii, but I would like to bring it with me just in case something happens and the cruise goes to Mexico (I know, random, but you never know!) I don't plan on just changing my last name to his, I'm keeping my middle name and adding my maiden name to it, so I have two middle names versus having two last names, which I heard when you change more things it is more difficult with social security. Any idea if I would have enough time to change my name and get an updated passport before my honeymoon?
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Re: Name Change Question

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    I think that would be a reasonable time frame to get everything in order for you to get a passport with your new long as you're on top of making the changes asap. If you have any concerns tho, I would book all your travel arrangements in your maiden name, and even get a passport in your maiden name as well (now! lol i'm a big fan of everybody having a passport). But idk what would take longer - getting your first passport or changing your name on your passport.
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    I already have a passport, just will need to get an updated one with my married name.
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    For whatever reason, our Church took a really long time getting our marriage license to the town hall so, had we been counting on it within a certain timeframe, I would have been nervous.  That being said, I know some JPs get it to the townhall ASAP.  You definitely have more breathing room since you're travelling within the US and you're not relying on the passport (but I understand your wanting to have one). 
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    [QUOTE]I already have a passport, just will need to get an updated one with my married name.
    Posted by HeatherR45[/QUOTE]

    Unfortunately, you can't just update your passport. When you change your name, you have to apply for a whole new passport (and pay the $100+ like you did originally). It's annoying.
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    I'm not too concerned about the marriage certifcate getting to the town hall, my JP is the town clerk in the town I'm getting married in so she can handle it right away. Now that I'm thinking about it though, we just booked our honeymoon in my maiden name so I'm going to have to wait until after anyways!
    That sucks that you have to pay AGAIN for the passport, I figured it would be a fee, but not the whole fee. I don't think mine expires for another 4-5 years. :(
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