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Family-moon and rude people, lol

So the FI and I are planning what we call a familymoon instead od a honeymoon. I have 2 children from a previous, but we have been a family for the past 8yrs. So the FI and I feel since we are not just 2 people getting married we are a family getting married we are all in this together. We have been getting a bunch of what I think are rude comments from the FI's family about taking the kids with us. We feel this is a personal decision and really none of their beeswax, we explained the above to them and we keep getting these snarky faces that 1 we are postponing it until Oct because of FI's work schedule and 2 that we are bringing the kids. I admit at first I did not want to bring the kids, but the FI explained his feelings and felt the kids should join us they are not little kids where it might be an issue we are talking about young teenagers. I am just getting tired of the rolling of the eyes and snarky comments....has anyone else ever delt with this?
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Re: Family-moon and rude people, lol

  • nope. the only advice I can offer you is to stop giving people explinations for this and for that blah blah. someone makes a rude comment? ignore them. completely. you're right-it's none of their business HOWEVER when people get married everyone all of  a sudden thinks it's their duty to ask stupid questions and give even more stuipd opinions.

    and your FI needs to get his family in check with this.


  • Just don't listen to them and maybe don't give them any more details on what your doing- then they have nothing to compain about :)
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    We are doing a family moon, thankfully not many people have given us grief, most think it is a good thing because of the 'step father" situation. Because my son is older he gets to feel included & not left out. We have spent plenty of time away on our own. 

    Just have your fiance tell them they are being rude & don't bother talking about it anymore with them. 
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  • I don't know why people provide opinions when they are not needed! Personally I think it is great that the children are being included! What is the big deal with delaying the HM anyways? FI and I are going 2 days after our wedding, but many do delay. Have your 'wedding night' with the new hubby and a fabulous time with your family in the fall, forget other people, at the end of the day those that matter - will see the situation and appreciate FI and your dedication to your family unit! :)
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  • I agree with PP.  Just ignore them, and if necessary, don't talk about your plans around those who feel they can be rude about it. 
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  • Tell them to STFU seriously! It's none of their business and it doesn't concern them.

    A honeymoon is essentially a vacation. A you're taking a vacation with your family- and it just so happens to be after the wedding takes place.

    I think it's nice that you are including them. I'm sure you guys will have a great trip and make some awesome memories.

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  • Its your wedding to celebrate - take your honeymoon (or familymoon) in this matter as a time to be happy! It doesn't matter what other people say, its you being happy is what matters!
  • We decided to do this too. We have 2 children. We are actually going to hold off on going anywhere after the wedding which is in July and wait until spring break next year in March and go to Disneyland with the children. FI and I love disneyland and it was actually our first date. We have looked into also the Disney cruiseline. A 14 day cruise from LA to Hawaii and back for 4 people is only 6,500
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  • I think having a family-moon versus a honeymoon is a personal decision and only you and your FI can really make the call.  People want to give their opinions to everything so just listen to it politely, maybe weigh some of the options, and then make a decision.
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