Vendor reviews for our 8/7/10 wedding

We had such a great day!
I'm skipping a few vendors that I wasn't as happy with (I don't want to post a bad review here), but generally, everyone was great, and the day was perfect! 

Amarante's Sea Cliff- A+  I cannot say enough nice things about the service at Amarante's. We had a beautiful day, the food was excellent, and there was always someone checking in to make sure we had everything we needed. They were fantastic!

Creative Cakes By Donna- A+ We went for one of the public tastings on a Saturday about 6 months before the wedding, and met with one of Donna's assistants. She took all our info, and what we wanted the cake to look like. We made an appointment and went back about a month before the wedding to finalize everything and order the cake for our rehearsal dinner. It was fabulous, too! We were so pleased with the design for both cakes, I would highly recommend Donna--I can't wait to eat our top tier!

Harold's New Haven- A+ We got my dress, my mom's dress, my dad's tux, my grandfathers' tuxedos, all the bridesmaid dresses, all the groomsmen tuxedos, and the groom's vest & tie (he bought a tux) from Harold's. They were terrific. Lisa was so sweet--she was always around for our fittings, and talked us down from a ledge (or two...). They were able to do alterations for my bridesmaid from England 2 days before the wedding while she waited! So amazing. I wish I could buy 50 more dresses there.

Hamden Florist- A  I dealt only with Rose, who handles the wedding flowers. She was really nice, if a little disorganized, but I wasn't worried. And there was no need--the flowers came out beautifully. She did exactly what I wanted, and even though she mentioned that hydrangeas don't do so well in the heat, our flowers lasted and looked great all day. People were fighting over who got to take the centerpieces!

Carla Ten Eyck Photography- A+  Carla is awesome! We loved her when we met with her, and when we took engagement photos it was like hanging out with a friend while she took pictures--and you could see how comfortable we were in the finished product. It was the same at the wedding. She & Mike were great, and the whole bridal party had a blast with them. I haven't seen the photos yet, but I'm sure they'll be amazing, too. She's a little pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion. 

Monomyth Pictures- A We chose the same videographer that filmed my brother's wedding 4 years ago. That video is spectacular, and so we thought it would be nice to do a 'sequel' of sorts. Michael was great to work with, and we can't wait to see the finished video. We just need to choose some music for the soundtrack, and he will even add some photos we took on our honeymoon at the end.

Re: Vendor reviews for our 8/7/10 wedding

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    Glad you had a great wedding. Kim will be happy to hear the good review on Donna.
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    [QUOTE]Glad you had a great wedding. <strong>Kim will be happy to hear the good review on Donna.
    </strong>Posted by KellyJayD[/QUOTE]

    HAHA!!! Was just going to post this!!!! LOL

    So glad to hear it!!!

    Glad you had a great day!!!
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    Carla is my best friend's SIL!  I love her.  Your pics will be amazing.
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