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I want each layer of the cake to be a different flavor, anyone else doing this?  My mom says it isn't worth it but I kinda feel like it is. 
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  • The advice I got on that is only do it if you are serving the cake buffet style so people can choose. Oh and don't forget that the top layer is for you two (If you're doing that tradition). I think it's a fun way to do the cake but we will probably be sticking to one flavor/filling.
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  • We did 2 flavors. I say go for it if there are 2 flavors that you really like. Then  your guests have a choice  :)
  • Have you thought about cupcakes...its way easier to do a number of flavors :)

    I wanted to do a few different cake flavors because my actual cake is only going to be real cake on one layer and the rest are going to be sheet cake in the back....but my mom also said it would be difficult to give people a choice and what if you run out of one flavor etc.....

    cupcake trees you can leave on display and let the people pick :)

    we decided on just doing blue velvet for everyone....just easier for me to deal with lol

    good luck
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    2 flavors sounds good but you run the risk of someone haveing a severe alergy to maybe one of the layers and that would contain cross contaimination between the layers. i am doing a desert table plus a cake but unsure of what flavor cake 
  • I really wanted variety...but I knew that that gets tricky unless people can choose their own piece.  What I ended up doing was getting the same cake flavor with different fillings.  We had a funfetti cake (which we both with two tiers filled with chocolate mousse (for me!) and two tiers filled with strawberry mousse (for him!). 
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