Vendor Reviews plus some non pro pics :) kinda long

First off our wedding was absolutely perfect. Couldn't have imagined it any better. Sad that it's over but so glad it happened!

Stonington Meadows (Coastal Gourmet) -A+...really I must say everything was perfect. The food was amazing and still hearing about how good it was from the guests. Keri was awesome along the whole planning process. She is really great at what she does and kept checking up on DH and I through out the night to make sure everything was good. And they just installed those white arbor things outside at the ceremony area which was a complete surprise when I showed up for the final meeting. Makes the outdoor area even prettier! Also, the cake was AMAZING. Every detail was perfect from outdoor cocktail hour to the late night S'mores station. Loved all of it!

DJ Harry (Harry Gambardella)- A...He did my SIL wedding 4 years ago and she loved him and so we figured he would be great. Turns out he was! Played al the music we requested even our Meatloaf - Paradise by the Dashboard Lights for my family's silly thing they do to it...made for great pictures though! He did our uplighting which I didn't want a lot but it was perfect and tasteful. He also has a new Laugh Pod which is a photobooth and he last minute asked if we wanted to add for a few hours and I was like ehh okay not sure how it will go over...ended up being the most popular thing at the wedding and the pictures are all hilarious. He was great!

Just For You (Jane)-A+++ - when our bouquets arrived I almost burst into tears. They were all so perfect. Mine was beyond expectations. She really knows what she is doing it is definatly her gift. So took all my visions and make them in to gorgeous arrangments. From the mason jars to the bathroom arrangements. Everything was pefect! Love her and I'm glad to have my apartment filled with all the flowers now haha DH...not so much.

HK Photography -A so far...I haven't seen the pictures yet obviously but I felt they were amazing to work with. We had both Hubert and Alka and I love how they have there different ideas for pictures and do them so they'll be all kinds of styles. They we're very patient with me running late to put on my dress and running around like a mad man haha. I can not WAIT to see them done. I saw some sneak peaks on the camera and they looked beautiful. Even made the DH feel comfortable and he hates having pictures taken of himself.

Classic Video Productions- B so far....My MIL booked him as a gift for us since we wanted one. She chose him because he did SIL wedding and I thought the video was great. He was in all the action but not intrusive. I just wish he had introduced himself. That's the only reason he gets a B for now. MIL dealt with the contract and stuff so I wish he would have said hello or something. I'm sure the video will be great though!

Ed Haberek (JP )- A+...after months of emails with different JPs and  we really wanted a male to do it and a lot are females and all the males we liked were booked. So Jennylove recommended him and so after a few emails decided "heck I'll go with him" he's the first selectman of sort of like a Mayor and he was great! His personality and everything completely complemented what we wanted for our ceremony. We wanted a short sweet and to the point ceremony. He gave us exactly that. Very easy to work with and very nice. Thanks JennyLove for the recommendation. :) He was perfect.

Hair - Sarah Archambault (The Gallery in New London)- A... I had to cancel with Dana :( because like 6 weeks ago we had to buy a new car and had to cut cost somewhere and thats where it went! So my MOH recommended her sin ce there friends of friends and I felt good so the did the trial it was perfect and she did mine, MOH 2 BM and the MIL all in like 3 hours we all loved our hair and she wasnt crazy priced. She was great and came to my Grandmothers house in Mystic.

Mac Counter at Westfarms - Make up by me :) -A to MAC B to me since cancelling with Dana I went and bought a crapo ton of make up at MAC. I told her it was formy wedding and asked what I would need to look perfect. I wish I remembered her name because she was very nice and helpful and didn't shove useless products down my throat. I got everything I needed and did the make up myself and helped the BMs and everyone looked great I think! I just got stressed when I realized I was spending more time on my girls then me and I started running late haha.

Wedding Paper Divas- A...Loved finding out about the website from this board because I knew I didn't want to spend a lot on them. I wanted them to be nice but some are 1000s and I wasn't paying that OR DIY....I bought them on a sale week so I had free shipping and saved about 75 on the total order. They came out perfect and had many compliments on them! My only fault was I ordered 85 invites not reazling I'd need more place cars (duh) so I scrambled a week before the wedding to order them but they arrived just in time! Not blaming them but atleast they pulled through and got them.

Davids Bridal Manchester- B- ...they weren't horrible. I had Aida helping me with dresses she was very nice but had 2 others brides so was wishy washy. I did buy my dress and veil there. The other associates are who we all had problems with. They were rude. One of them dragged my dress around and when I asked her to not let it drag on the floor she got pissy...well I didn't want a black dress! Its really like gambling when you go there. Definitely recommend trying it out a tleast to get an idea but it doesn't work out for everyone.

Connie's in Berlin(Alterations) - B. She was very nice and all she had to do was the bustle and add cups...She did a great job but as we were leaving to the venue the bustle ripped and I barely touched it I was just picking up my dress and the loop ripped out some how. Not sure if it was loosely sewn on or that's how they all are. I thought it would be a little more sturdy but my train isn't big so it wasn't a problem.

Mens Wearhouse South Windsor/Waterford -B+ for S.Windsor, C for Waterford...No one ran into any problems at the S. Windsor one besides some miscommunication on final measurements. The Waterford one my Dad,step Dad and brothers went to and they lost my Dads and 1 brothers measurements and didn't find that out till the end of July. They got in to get re-measured in time but I feel if they lost it they should have called to have them come back in not seemingly shove it under the rug. (shoes)A...Ordered my Badgley Mischka shoes for the wedding from there and they got to me in less then 24 hours and were amazing!

The Knot Shop- C...I ordered napkins and matches the first time and everything was perfect...The last sale I ordered some things and my garter and ordered it the 11th with 3 day shipping and I still haven't received it...Pretty upset because also a few BMs gifts we're in there and the status has been "shipped" for a week now.

Ramada Inn, Mystic - F-..Absolutely horrible.  we used them for a hotel block our rooms were not anywhere near each other. The managers and even janitor we're rude confronting us all in the hall along with DHs parents claiming we caused 1000$ in damages which is completely false and they have to proof of anything. Very unprofessional and definitely go else where in Mystic. We did it as a favor to our guests because it was the cheapest one in the area with out a weekend minimum. Bad Idea....

Esty sellers -
LizardiBridal (earrings) A - absolutely gorgeous jewelry and out of CT!
TheCuffLinkMaker - A...ordered "game over' cufflinks for DH he loved them
JewleryBox88 (bracelet) A Last minute Idea and it was a wonderful addition.
BraggingBags - A-..Took a little while but I got my Prop hanger for my dress and it was super cute and cheap!

For a few non-pro pics....

Cutting the cake

Anniversary Dance with DH

All our amazing flowers

My bouquet <3 roses,peonies,anemones...gorgeous Jane really outdid herself

First half of the Father daughter Dance...

Sorry for it being so long I wanted it to be 1 post....Hope it helps future brides :)
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Re: Vendor Reviews plus some non pro pics :) kinda long

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    So glad you had a great day!!  CONGRATS!

    We are using Men's Wearhouse out of Waterford too and I will definitely make sure to call about a week before the measurements are due to make sure they have everything!  I can't believe they wouldn't call you either! 

    And that's crap that TK shop hasn't even delivered your stuff yet?  I've heard about them taking forever, but that's ridiculous! 
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    Congrats! Everything looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!
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    Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful! I'm glad you had such a perfect day, sorry to hear about TK Shop though.. that's horrible. I hope they reimburse you since it never made it in time. Can't wait to see your pro pics! :0)
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    Sloan, you are soo beautiful!  Congratulations!!  And I'm so glad I was able to help you out with Ed! :)

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    Thank you! He was absolutely amazing!
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  • kcmendencekcmendence member
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    love your pics!
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    Oh I forgot to ask, did SM install a tent?  When I went for the details meeting Keri mentioned they were thinking of installing one permanently on the patio.  Did that happen?
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    Congratulations! You look beautiful in the pics, can't wait to see more! :o) Glad you had such a great day, thanks for the reviews!

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    congrats! Im glad you had a great day! I cant believe your stuff from TK hasnt arrived yet! I would have been so upset!
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:65Discussion:d4c6ddf8-f64d-468e-8855-34db56f25c14Post:5f0778f6-5245-475c-a463-b1277b529fa8">Re: Vendor Reviews plus some non pro pics :) kinda long</a>:
    [QUOTE]Oh I forgot to ask, did SM install a tent?  When I went for the details meeting Keri mentioned they were thinking of installing one permanently on the patio.  Did that happen?
    Posted by jennylove810[/QUOTE]

    Not yet the one I had at my wedding was rented. I wish it was permenent I would have saved about a 1000$!! But I would maybe ask again because it seems they are doing some changes.

    To the knotshop...I even wrote an email to customer service. No reply and still no package. Im kind of sad because a lot of the stuff were gifts for BMs and FG and now I'll have to pay to ship them across the country!
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    We are looking into Stonington Meadows for our 2011 wedding, so it's great to hear you had such a good experience. I was wondering if you had a pictures of the outside of the venue building? I can't seem to find any on their website. I just want to be sure when guests pull up to the place, they are "wow-ed" by it.

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    I really dont have any of the outside building just the grounds like the ceremony area Im sure that the photographers got some though Ill be sure to post those this is all i found...

     I wish I had one of the double doors there so pretty!

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