How To Include the Little Ones

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My fi has NINE nieces and nephews and I have two.  We are having three of the little ones in it, his oldest nephew is a groomsan so that leaves us with 5 we would like to give jobs to. They range in age from 7-10.  We are not getting married in a church so bringing gifts up is out. I was thinking of having a couple of them hand out programs.  Does anyone have any ideas how to include the others? Thanks.

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    What about little ushers for the boys, hand out programs for the girls?  I went to a wedding with little 10 year old ushers before, and it was stinking cute!  Just have them ask, "Are you on the bride's side or the groom's side?" and then escort them down (show them how to offer their arm to the ladies).  It's adorable!  And they feel so grown up.



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    I like the programs and usher could also have some of them be the guestbook monitor...and have them tell people to sign the guestbook(if you are having one) Also...if you are doing bubbles or anything, they could hand those out.
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    I would just make sure that their parents want them in the wedding. Don't forget it is an added expense for them to pay for clothes and shoes for the kids.
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