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FI is thinking about paying for his groomsmen's tuxes, but we haven't gone to get estimates yet.  Does anyone know how much a tux rental would cost at Men's Warehouse?

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  • It depends on the tux. FI wanted a grey tux which mean he had two choices, light grey and a dark grey. Although I liked the light one he picked the dark which is Vera Wang, normal rental is 229 but we had a 40 discount. I think the other was about 179. I didny ask for regular black tux though. Good luck!
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  • Agree with the pp. we went to jos. A bank Tuesday and the black tuxes FI picked out to try on were $199 and $179. We also have a $40 off coupon, but there are possible up charges as well (comfier shoes, pocket square, fitted shirt, flat front pants, and a definite damage waiver fee of $9)
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  • Thank you!  Yeah FI had it in his head for some reasn that a tux was going to run him like $70 and I was pretty sure that number in his head was way way off.  Side note: I've found a lot in this planning process that once you attach the word wedding to anything the price automatically goes up.......anyone know if you rent a text for some other formal event and don't use the word wedding if you can get a better price?! 
  • We are renting our tuxes from camillos in orange and the tuxes are about $160. FI is getting his for free because we have at least 5 other people renting as well.

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  • My husband and his groomsmen (and the dads!) got theirs from Modern Formals.  They were $179.
  • My H got his from Zaccariellos in Wallingford. They're a family owned business that has been in operation for years and we've used them for all occasions. Tuxes were $150.
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  • Thanks for the responses.  After talking with some guys at work who are getting married this year as well and doing suits, FI is now thinking that option instead, especially since the money will actually leave the person owning their purchase.
  • We're using Alexanders in Bridgeport. Our Tuxes are $129. They're family friends and I would highly reccomend them. 
  • My FI just rented his tux from Men's wearhouse over the weekend.  They only have one style of Vera Wang tux in 2 colors (black and dark grey) and they are the same price - $219 The Calvin Klein light gray tux is $189.  Keep in mind that there are other costs - insurance, pocket square, tie (if you want the real one rather than the rental fake tie), and tax.  We basically said no to any add-ons and our price came to $250 after tax.  We used our $40 dollars off and paid $210.  They are also doing a promotion instore now for $30 off tux rental but that cannot be combine with the $40 off coupon so it's one or the other.  Good Luck.
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