Our wedding is small..
20 people,
I need to get a cake but we are on a tight tight budget.. The wedding is in madison.
Are cupcakes any cheaper? Can you reccommend a place for cakes? The cheapest Iv found is $5 a slice.

Re: Cakes..

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    I don't know how much these places are, but close to Madison some popular places are:

    Jcakes in Branford (they are doing our wedding cake)
    Kim's Cottage Confections in Durham
    Cakes by Donna in Haddam
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    If you're only having 20 people and a tight budget, why not get a cake from a grocery store? They can be just as delicious as ones from a bakery, but much cheaper.
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    I've gotten cakes from La Cuisine in Branford. Delicious.

    For our wedding, we used Mystic Market. It's a little further but the cake was amazing. I don't know $$ though since it was included in our package. 

    If you're interested in cupcakes, we always go to the Sugar Bakery. They do a lot of stuff for weddings.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful with the price, though.  Good luck!
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    I just ordered a birthday cake for my mom from Julia's Bakery in Orange. They are delicious and for about $40-50 you can get a cake for 20-25 people from there depending on the flavors and fillings you choose.  Fancy decorations are extra, but that might be something to thing about.  Also, the bakery at Costco is pretty good. Maybe you can order a cake from them? it'll probably be cheaper than a bakery but still yummy.

    Hope that helps- Good luck!

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    If you're looking for cupcakes, check out sugarbelle in Glastonbury (I think they have one in West Hartford now too).  I'm pretty sure they do cakes as well, but they're cupcakes are delicious!

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    Our cake is a little less than $3pp. I think you can definitely find something for less than $5 but I don't think cupcakes will necessarily be cheaper (guests seem to be more likely to expect more than one). I think a grocery store is a great option for a 20 person cake, but I live in West Hartford so I don't know your area.

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    Ours is from Mozzicatos in Hartford - we've gotten pretty much every birthday, confirmation, graduation, or just "hey we need a cake" from there since I can remember. They even did my parent's wedding cake!

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    I would also check local bakeries/grocery stores.

    We used Cakes by Donna & loved her as well as the cake! Delicious!
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    Cupcakes - $2.50-$3.50 each for Cupcake Wars winning cupcakes at Sugar in East Haven. I love their cupcakes - the pistachio is awesome.

    Cake - Sweet Maria's in Waterbury ( has affordable and PHENOMENAL cake. I know they can do what you want in your budget and you will be surprised and delighted. It's worth the trip up there. Read their reviews on yelp if you don't believe me. They do a fantastic job.
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