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Honeymoon booking questions?

I am starting to look and get ideas of roughly how much it will cost us to go on a honeymoon. Our wedding is in May so we have time, but I want to get ideas when it comes time to book so it is not a major surprise. We want to go somewhere that has a beach, free drinks aka all inclusive and not in the US. Who did you book your honeymoon with expedia, apple vacations etc??? How long before the wedding did you book to and did you book and was the flight included in the price too?
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Re: Honeymoon booking questions?

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    We've booked most of our trips through Expedia, so I'd recommend using them.  You can book anytime now.  Check out www.tripadvisor.com for reviews on places to stay.  
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    We booked our trip straight through Couples. I tried a lot of different options and it seemed to all be pretty much the same price. Booking through Couples with airfare included actually saved us about $250. We have to take a delayed honeymoon so I actually just booked our trip for Oct30.
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    We booked through a travel agent that was recommended by a friend; however, I compared her prices to everything I could find online before we went with her (she was the best deal), and yes, our booking did include airfare.

    In the past we also used www.bookit.com. Every so often they have sales on their deals, which makes them even better, but always compare with the resort's actual website before booking (because for some places you'll get a better deal by going through the resort, like PP mentioned).

    We booked our HM in April and are getting married in September, so 5 months prior. We actually started researching several months before that, and started getting serious about booking around March. I think that was a good time frame, and if I could go back, I would book it even sooner. Since we booked through a travel agent we were able to make payments on our balance, and the further out we had booked, the smaller the payments would have been.
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