Vendors questions! Professional food or Menu food?

I have questions about vendors.
Do you send them the invitation?
Do you let them pick the food from the menu or just give them professional food as the venu has for them?
I'm thinking about sending my invitation to only for my photographer but I don't know if that would be rude for others.
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Re: Vendors questions! Professional food or Menu food?

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    I did not send a formal invitation.  I emailed my DJ, photographer, and videographer- and gave them the same options as the guests. 

    Good luck!
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    I agree with pp- no need for invitation, but I would give them the same options for food :)
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    I'm not sending invitations to my vendors; I'm going to email them all a few weeks before the wedding to ensure they know the times to show up. Most venues offer a reduced priced vendor meal, which is what I plan on feeding my photographer and DJ.
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    No, you don't send an invite to your vendors. What is 'professional food'? Our venue will provide the same meals to the vendors as to our guests but at a discounted rate to us. Talk to your venue to see what they provide for vendors.
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