Affordable Videography?

Does anyone have any recommendations for very affordable videographers in the area? FI feels that the photographer is the most important and he is entirely convinced of the need for a videographer; but I feel that I will really regret it if we don't have one. I'm looking for someone who is under $1,000 if at all possible.

Re: Affordable Videography?

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    I'm looking for an affordable videographer as well. I'm spending the $$ for a photographer but it's not in our budget to have both. Still, I want to be able to watch us doing our vows, dances, etc.  Someone I work with suggested contacting an area college that has a film program and seeing if a student would be willing to do it. I'm going to look into that at some point. I work for Yale University and I know that they have a film program. My wedding is not until next March so I am planning on contacting someone at the art school in September. I don't see what film student wouldn't want to earn some extra cash as well as experience.

    Another option is to check out craigslist. Sometimes people trying to get into the business advertise their services that way. I have a friend who used a photographer about four years who was doing weddings part time.  He charged her $800. Since then, he quit his job, is doing photography full time and charging upwards of $3000.

    Let me know if you have any luck!
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    you should check
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    Call Keith Michael Productions.  I'm using him for photo & video.  Excellent prices.

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