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Hi ladies,
My wedding is on June 22nd, and my mom was planning on having my bridal shower the first weekend of May. I was really hoping to have it outside (if it doesn't rain), but she thinks it would be too cold.  What do you think?  The average high for May 4th is like 64 degrees.  Also, we're looking for something in Litchfield or Fairfield County. Can you think of anywhere that we would be able to have it either inside or outside, depending on the weather? Also, cheap!  My mom was thinking of doing it at a restaurant, but a hall/park would work as well.

Re: Bridal Shower Venues

  • How many people?
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  • Can you narrow down the area if you could pick your preference, both those counties have hundreds of places to rec. Are you thinking lunch or are you open to a brunch idea?
  • Only about 16-18 people, and probably in Litchfield county - but not too far in the boonies (ie not Salisbury, Norfolk, etc) - closer to Torrington/Litchfield.  I guess I'd prefer lunch, as my fiance is probably going to have a barbecue the same time I'm having my shower.
    Thanks so much!
  • Ok, we love At The Corner restaurant in Litchfield, not sure if they do showers but I met with Litchfield Salt Water Grill a long time ago for a catering job and tasted their food which was excellent!
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