New Haven Lawn Club vs. Carousel at Lighthouse

Hi Ladies....I'm working on the venue search right now, and I'm just looking for some opinions on the New Haven Lawn Club and the Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park.  I would be looking at a January or February 2013 date at the NHLC or a late spring date 2013 at lighthouse.  I'm torn.  I love both places, and realize they have two COMPLETELY different feels....NHLC would be for a formal winter event, while lighthouse would be something way more laid back, beachy, and more "fun."  I could honestly see my fiance and I going in either direction happily, it's just a matter of choosing.  I've been saying for years that I want a winter wedding, but the carousel is making me reconsider that.

I've looked at reviews of both places, and some threads on this board, and anyone who's gotten married at either place seems to be very happy with their decision.  I know the carousel will be way more work as far as coordinating vendors and having to bring everything in, while the NHLC will do it all for us.  I appreciate the freedom of the carousel to bring in our own caterer, alcohol, no set end time, etc. The Lawn Club appeals to me because it's about a block from my apartment, and its just so stunning.   I'm guessing that at the end of the day, they're probably going to end up costing us about the same??

I don't know what my real question is...I guess just looking for opinions.  Feel free to lobby for your favorite! 

Re: New Haven Lawn Club vs. Carousel at Lighthouse

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    I was a BM in my college roommate's wedding last Dec at NHLC and loved the venue.  It was formal but decorated very tastefully for Christmas.  The food was also very good.  I have never been to the carousel so I can't compare.

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    Yikes, tough decision. My FI went to an event at the carousel and raved about it. I'm a list type of girl- perhaps make a pros/cons list? Or maybe take a week to work on something else, then come back to it to see if you've changed your mind. One thing I will say- winter weddings are risky with snow. Not that I'm opposed to them. I'm just not a risk taker and I'm nervous about snow in April after the whole snow in october escapade! That being said, in the winter, vendors are often times less expensive and offer value packages, so maybe you'd be able to cut a break that way?

    Either way, keep us informed. Seems like you're torn between an indoor, formal winter wedding and a beachy, outdoor spring wedding. I for one prefer beachy, spring weddings :)
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    We were wed at the Carousel and cannot say enough about it.  Our guests still talk about how 'unique' our wedding was (although I cringe to use the word 'unique,' because that was not one of our criteria....we simply wanted a venue that had a significant  history and purpose aside from serving as a venue for weddings.) 

    It is a lot of work to manage the Carousel, however, Sabrina Bruno is helpful and if you get a caterer who knows the place, he or she will take a lot of responsibility off your hands.  If you go with the Carousel, I highly recommend you look into Micheal Bosco and La Cuisine out of Branford, as they were our caterers and did excellent work for us. The food was terrific, and they brought in all the rentals for us, including linens, chairs, etc. PIB.

    I have not been to the NHLC so I cannot compare.  It looks absolutely stunning from the website!  I think you have two very good options in front of you.
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    Both venues are so different, but beautiful--I can see why you're torn! NHLC seems like an easy choice but it's also more of a "typical" wedding venue. Lighthouse Point Park is unique and fun, as PP mentioned, but it does sound like it requires a little more work. I know personally we didn't want to worry about bringing in a caterer and renting all the linens, plates, silverware, etc.--kind of a hassle, but you def. have time if you want to.

    Have you visited both places, and gotten quotes? Definitely check them both out in person and see what kind of vibe you get. Get quotes from a couple caterers that would do the Carousel (there's a post a few above this with some recco's) and compare prices with NHLC--even $10 less per person will save you quite a bit!

    Consider the colors, flowers, and dress style you're thinking about also... for example, if you want a big, sparkly satin ballgown and calla lillies, NHLC seems like it fits the "look". If you want more of a light, breezy dress and bright, colorful flowers, that would tie in really well with the Carousel. Good luck! :)
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    Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.  We're going to take a peek at the carousel this weekend, and have an appointment with the Lawn Club on the 10th, so hopefully that will make our decision easier.  At first glance, the lawn club seems more expensive, but I know that w/ the carousel there are going to be so many little pieces that it will really start to add up, possibly to even more than the NHLC.  I'll keep you posted!
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    I'm getting marrried at Lighhouse! I get so excited when other people post about LPP because I am so in love with it. I've always wanted and outdoor beach in wedding. You're right about having to do everything yourself. It is a lot of work and very stressful but so worth it if it's really what you want. You also need to have wedding insurance which I haven't gotten yet but I dont think its too expensive. I heard it's around $180 for a $1,000,000 policy but I'm not positive. You can hire anyone to be your bartender as long as they are not a guest and can purchase your own alcohol which can really save you money. The venue is already decorated with lanterns and white drapes on the ceiling. Well if there is anything else you want to know just ask. Hope I helped and let us know what you choose! Good luck!
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  • I laughed when I read this post. I am getting married at Carousel at Lighthouse and my best friend is getting married at New Haven Lawn Club two weeks before me. Both weddings will be very different. I love both places but I loved the feel of Carousel, I literally cried when I walked in. So for me it is worth the extra work, bringing in caterer. Really it was not bad, I am going with Coastal Catering and they are going to do all the work of bringing things in. 

    I think the one thing I can help you with deciding is time. Lighthouse has a season. It is only open from May to October. If you are thinking Spring time think about the weather. Lighthouse also has no heat or air conditioning. I am bringing in heaters just in case. 

    Either way you are going to be happy with your choice. Both great!
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