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Re: **Share Two Tuesday!!**

  • 1) I eat way too many frozen meals
    2)I'm in a book club =)
  • 1. I am currently eating a Bulgur and Cranberry salad for lunch that is delicious and part of my effort to eat less processed food. (This fact inspired from the PP)

    2. I am addicted to finding good deals. This past weekend I found Saucony running shoes for 70% off at DSW!!!
  • I play wii every day

    I run everyday and then I eat like there is no tomorrow.

  • WR - I have 95 days to go and my butterflies are getting OUT OF HAND haha
    NWR - I am in desperate need of a manicure.  Sigh.
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  • WR- i'm stressed doing last min things for wedding but overjoyed.

    NWR- im killing myself with zumba lol
  • It took me a while to figure out WR and NWR but here goes

    1. I have lots of time left to plan (8/2/13) and am going to the bridal show this weekend.
    2. I love gummy bears :)
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  • WR- I'm incredibly impatient for the big day to arrive.

    NWR- I'm active duty Air Force, and I am the 11th woman to EVER do my job.
  • Way to go Pokey! WR: We are looking at/ hoping to book a RD site this weekend... NWR: I got accepted into a MA program and will be teaching full time, planning a wedding, and getting my MA between now and August...
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  • Hmmm.....

    WR:  My dress is expected to arrive in February and since tomorrow is Feb I'm going to be anxiously awaiting!

    NWR:  I need to find a permanent teaching position before I go far I'm going on 3 years of looking but still working in schools.....
  • WR: I purchased my dress a week and a half ago at Kleinfeld's. :)

    NWR: FI and I adopted a dog on Saturday and his name is Boci.

  • WR: The BM dresses came in, and I'm going with some of my girls this weekend to see it for the first time in the right color :)

    NWR: I was valedictorian of my high school class
  • WR: I LOVE planning and I'm already worried that I'm going to have withdrawal after the weding!

    NWR: One of my New Year's resolutions/projects is to read 100 books this year.

  • WR: I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to decorate my venue & it is closed until May so I can't even go look at it for inspiration

    NWR: I completed my MA in education & have yet to find a Social Studies teaching position a year later, so I'm a youth counselor for foster kids. 
  • Hmm.. I usually lurk.. but this sounds fun and the CT ladies are much nicer than everyone else...

    WR: My FI is in the Coast Guard and leaves in April... I use this as my excuse to plan my wedding really early because I love wedding planning so much! (Wedding is 9/1/13)  :)

    NWR: I start my new job tomorrow!!

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