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HM decision: the royal cancun vs. dominican republic dreams

hi girls!

we weren't sure if we were going to be able to HM or not, but with 35 days till the wedding (eeeeee!) we think we're going to be able to swing it with some help! at least there are lots of last minute deals! :)

we've narrowed it down to the royal in cancun and dreams in dominican republic (i would post the exact place, but the knot won't let me. apparently it's an offensive word????). any advice either way??

we've heard GREAT reviews for dreams in dominican republic. but it is quite a long plane ride, and neither of us likes to fly (xanax anyone?). we found the royal in cancun is $600 cheaper per person and a shorter flight. however, googling some reviews has come up with some not so great things (constant overbooking, the staff sucking and not offering any of the special amenities).

we would like to have a nice quiet vacation. the frills aren't exactly a must, but they sure would be nice. a beach, a drink, and some sun & sand is all we are really looking for.


Re: HM decision: the royal cancun vs. dominican republic dreams

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    Fi and I LOVED the Royal Cancun!  There's nothing we would change about it- the rooms are fantastic, all have ocean views, hammocks on the balcony.  If you do the Royal Service, they give you a loaded ipod and a dock.  Food was great, service was stellar.  We didn't utilize the spa services, but I've heard they are great. 

    I know the reviews you're talking about with overbooking.  The Royal opened in Feb/March of 2007, we visited in March '08.  They were still going through some growing pains at that time and there was a big issue with overbooking it seemed.  I was worried about getting bumped, but I communicated with some of their management who assured me it was being taken care of.  Sure enough, we were fine.

    I know you said you've googled reviews.  Have you checked on Trip Advisor?  There seems to be one unhappy customer recently, but the reviews overall speak for themselves.  I'm a huge research nut when it comes to traveling  so I did my homework before staying here.  I don't think you would be disappointed at the Royal.  Let me know if you have any other questions about it! 

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    i did notice that the poor reviews were from years ago, it was the most recent [poor] reviews that were leaving me concerned. other than that, we were shocked and thrilled with everything it seemed to offer! and the room we were looking to book has the extra royal services as well.

    one more thing-was it noisy or....college touristy? we don't really intend to leave the resort (i've done carlos & charlies, i don't need to ever return, those memories have been burnt in to my brain!!), but i always associate cancun with partying. i saw a thread a bit further down the page that said that they were in cancun and it was very noisy and lots of partying. thoughts??

    thanks so much for your response! you may have just helped me seal the deal on our decision (which is essentially mine. FI doesn't want to be near this decision incase it doesn't work out, lol!).
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    Nope, I definitely wouldn't call it college touristy or noisy at ALL!  If anything, it's pretty laidback at night.  There's a bar in the main lobby with some swingy beds and comfy chairs; they have live music that plays.  One night they had casino night and I'm pretty sure there are nightly shows, but we didn't go to any of them.  The clientele when we were there was definitely all couples, definitely late 20's and up.  No college kids, definitely no loud partiers.  If you're interested, though, there are bars right across the street...in fact, I think it's Carlos & Charlie's! ;) 

    What room category are you considering?  We booked a Royal Oceanfront and, honestly, it wasn't completely worth it.  They're slightly pushed out whereas the others are in the middle section of the hotel.  The corner rooms really aren't worth the extra money.  The Swim-Ups are nice, but they're in the shade pretty early on, so you wind up having to find a pool chair by early afternoon.   Royal Oceanview or maybe Oceanfront would be perfect. 

    I have a Picasa Web Album of pictures if you'd like to see them!  Just give me your preferred email & I"ll share it with you!  Based on our experience at the Royal, I happily recommend it to everyone we know. :) 
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    sounds great!
    i think cheapcaribbean.com is offering a royal oceanfront room. it's $600 cheaper per person than dreams DR, and it seems like an upgrade!

    i would love to see your pictures! my email is shortygu @ yahoo.com!

    thanks so much for all of your help!! i think i'm going to let FI know that i've made my decision!!
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    Dreams  in that place we cant type in the Dominican Rep is awesome! I love P Cana, getting married there at the Barcelo Resort!
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    You should check out Secrets Capri!  It is operated by the same company as Dreams Resorts and it is located just outside Cancun—a shorter plane ride for you.


    It’s located in the Riviera Maya on a gorgeous beach.  It is also five minutes from Playa Del Carmen, a city with fabulous nightlife.  I’m a big fan of snorkeling and Secrets Capri has the best snorkeling since the world’s second largest barrier reef is right off the shore.  I also love that they have a wait staff at the pool and the beach.  Once I’m settled in a spot, I don’t have to move a muscle because the waiters take care of everything--it’s the best. 


    The food is also amazing.  I am a big fan of Portofino, the Italian restaurant.  The steak is so good.  Good luck with your decision!

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