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Cruising in December...seasickness?

I was just curious if any of my fellow Knotties had sailed any particular cruise lines in late December/Early January?  We are thinking about Bahamas, departing from NY.  I did a cruise about 5 years ago (Carnival), but I was about 10 weeks pregnant and so incredibly sick the entire time, the only time I didn't feel sick was at night on the balcony, in the fresh air without being able to see anything.  Lol   I am a little hesitant but also wondering if anyone has any experiences on certain cruise lines at this time of year.
Thank you in advance!

Re: Cruising in December...seasickness?

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    Thank you, CMGr!  I will check it out!!! :)
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    I did a 7 day from Baltimore to the Bahamas in January 2012, I get MAJOR car sickness and wasn't sick at all the whole trip, expect for the last sea day coming back. It was REALLY choppy and we were going really fast, I had brought ginger gum and that was a life saver.

    Just FYI the first day and a half and the last day were a wash as far as using the outdoor space...too cold.
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    We did the NYC-Bahamas trip on NCL a couple years ago in mid-February.  You could definitely tell the difference being off the Carolinas to being in waters south of Florida. I brought the ginger gum as well, but I'm not sure if it helped or not. Neither of us got sick during the trip, but I'm not sure I could say that for everyone.
    We had a balcony on the back of the ship, which allowed me to bask in the warm sun on the return leg of the trip even though the air temp wasn't too warm.
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    while i love the idea of not having to fly anywhere (ive disembarked in manhattan and drove the 30 minutes home) during the winter i just wouldn't do it.   i'd prefer to go to miami or san juan or barbados (aka warm weather) and go from there rather than have days of cold up and down the coast and in the bahamas where it's chillier since they're atlantic islands not in the caribbean or as far south so they tend to not get as warm as the others.

    the cruise i disembarked from was from england so i can't attest to the water along the eastern seaboard but i would assume, just because of currents and having some knowledge of how they work from having boats all of my life on long island, i'd guess the trip south is bumpier in general than the trip back up. unless of course you have a noreaster or something.

    you can check cruisecritic.com for reviews of specific cruises for more info.


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    Thank you so much everyone!!
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