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Viva Wyndnam Fortuna Beach Bahamas


Has anyone been to this hotel at the Grand Bahamas Island?  i have seen quite an inexpensive trip there and just looking for some feedback.

I did look on trip advisor and they seem to get mixed reviews.

thank you

Re: Viva Wyndnam Fortuna Beach Bahamas

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    My FI and I went there as a getaway in March mostly beacuse it was super cheap.  Yes it does have a mixed bag on Trip Advisor but as long as you know what you're getting we thought it was great value.  It's not upscale luxury but it was clean, quiet, staff was friendly and right on the water.  We were there for 5 days which seemed perfect any longer and it might get old as there is absolutely nothing else around for miles (which on the oher hand was cool because we could walk for miles and miles and miles in either direction on the beach!)  As you probably know it's all inclusive and at the cafeteia place there was always something edible (tip you can take your food and eat outside at the tables!) Italian restaurant was just ehhh, Asian place was bad.  All in all I thought it was great for what we paid.  If you're looking for a more luxury place we walked around the Westin/Sheraton grounds and that is gorgeous.
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    I spent a week at the Wyndham in August. I think you get what you pay for. The beach/water is beautiful, love it. The food was mostly ok, some restaurants better than others. Hated that the beer is in tiny 3 sip plastic glasses, but always ice cold.

    Like I said, you get what you pay for - if you're expecting first class, go somewhere else - if you just a nice quiet getaway, the Wyndham is a great value.
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    i went here with some college friends on spring break in feb.  we had a great time, but there were mostly families and college kids there when we went - which was great for us - but not so much for the couples who wanted a quiet romantic vaca.  the food, staff, rooms were great - we were impressed by how much we got for so little.  there were a lot of fun activites (dance lessons, bocce ball, a fun dance club) but i honestly wouldnt recommend it for a honeymoon destination.
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