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Cruise to Hawaii......

Has anyone done this before? Pros/cons? Thanks
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Re: Cruise to Hawaii......

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    If you have limited time and want to see a lot of places a cruise might be your best bet.  If you're only interested in one island, you'd probably be better off just flying out there and spending all of your time on that one island.

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    A friend of mine did this last summer and she loved it. They were on the Norwegian Pride of America. She flew into Honolulu and stayed there for a few nights to get adjusted to the time change and check out Oahu.

    She loved the trip, but she said there were no "at sea" days that you usually get on cruises and it was go go go the whole time since everything is rushed. But she really enjoyed being able to see so many of the Hawaiian islands. This is something DH and I plan on doing at some point and we'll do it the same way where we fly in a few days before setting sail so we can check out Waikiki and Pearl Harbor and enjoy being in one spot for a few days while adjusting to the time difference.
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