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Antigua vs. Jamaica?

We are trying to decide between the Verandah resort in Antigua or the Couples Swept Away in Negrils Jamaica. Any suggestions?

Re: Antigua vs. Jamaica?

  • I've never been to Antigua, but I have been to Negril Jamaica.  We stayed at the Sandals resort there.  While it was nice, I wouldn't go back.  This is the only place we've ever gone where we did not feel comfortable leaving the resort.  And we travel a lot.  We flew into Montego Bay and it's an hour and a half drive to Negril.  Not the most ideal.  
  • We've been to both islands, stayed at Sandals resorts. Antigua wins hands down for island experience. I have reviews and pics in the link above my siggy pic.
  • Thank you! My fiance and I are just feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices for our honeymoon and we don't have much time left to decide. I noticed on your website that you have also been to cancun. I originally ruled out Mexico because I have been there on a cruise, but our travel agent said the Excellence Playa Mujeres was a great all inclusive resort. Did you prefer Antigua over Cancun?

  • Cancun is awesome.  We stayed at the Sun Palace which is an AI resort chain over there.  We were able to take the ferry over to the Isle de mujeres and have lunch/swim in the pool at the resort over there with our chain.  I would definitely recommend Cancun.
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    It's really hard to compare Antigua and Cancun as they have different things to offer. Cancun, was party like at night but had the history of the Mayan ruins, cenote's and snorkeling. We stayed in the hotel zone which reminded us of any shore town around here. Antigua was much more laid back, had better snorkeling,sting ray city was cool, and had that island vibe that was missing in Cancun. Of course,Cancun is not an island : . We loved both and are actually going back to Cancun next year. Antigua we also plan on going back to but, Cancun was cheaper so it won for next years trip. All in all both places have great things to offer.
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    Thank ya'll so much for the help! :)
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