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Honeymooning in Orlando...

Does anyone have any fun, fairly inexpensive things to do in Orlando?  (BESIDES the theme parks.... EVERYONE has told me I "just HAVE" to go see Disney, Universal, etc.)

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Re: Honeymooning in Orlando...

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    Discovery Cove! I don't really consider it a theme park. You can choose the dolphin swim day or the beach day (no dolphin swim). It's an awesome experience! All you can eat breakfast, lunch and snacks, as well as unlimited beer, wine, frozen drinks and non alcoholic beverages. DH and I have been twice and loved every minute of it. The best thing is that the cap attendance at 1000 people per day so it won't be crowded like the other theme parks.

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    We've gone a few times, and we like to drive around, go to the malls (Florida mall or Mall of Millenium), or go to Citywalk or Downtown Disney.

    Also, Cocoa beach is only an hour drive away!  Very pretty!

    I haven't been, but I know there's some art and history/science museums in the area.  Some of them are pretty cheap.

    I know there's also more natury kinds of things to do, like airboat tours and such.

    That's all I can think of right now!  Have fun!

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    I think it depends on what your interests are. I would check on the local Orlando forum. But if you don't want to go to the theme parks what do you like to do?


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    I used to live in Orlando and there are TONS of cool things to do outside the mouse-land.  :-)

    Some ones I recommend:
    - Go into Winter Park and take the little ferry tour boat out on the lakes and see all the mansions, super fun!  And then go to the Wine Cellar and try a bunch of different wines... you pay by the ounce so you can stay within budget.  Afterwards, there's all these cool, but expensive little shops, on Park Avenue.  Luckily window shopping is FREE.99!!

    - Downtown there is a big lake and park called Lake Eola.  You can rent little swan paddleboats and go out and paddle around... super fun (just wear sunscreen, one time I didn't and FRIED myself on the water):

    - Driving over to Cocoa Beach is also a good recomendation.  If you go over, skip the tourist spots and head down to a beach the locals call 2nd Light or Tables.  I used to surf there growing up, and its uncrowded cause its generally a local-only place:

    Hope that helps!!!
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    Thanks, everyone!  We are going to Universal for a day, but every time I ask friends and relatives what they recommend to do, all they ask is, "Are you going to Disney??"  haha
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    FI and I are going to all 3 Universal parks, but also heading over to Gatorland for one day (they have ziplines that we are excited about).  My friend was there a few weeks ago and said there are tons of places to mini-golf and rollerblade.  She also went to Sea World and Busch Gardens (I think). 

    We are also spending a weekend on either Cocoa or Clearwater Beach.
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