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Poconos, PA HM?

Just wondering if anyone has been to the Poconos? We just booked our HM there but after doing some more research I am a little nervous... but we do know several people who went there and loved it! I'm just thinking we probably won't be able to go on vacation for a while after this and don't want to regret our decision. We are pretty limited on budget (need to stay under $2500) Thanks for any help!

Re: Poconos, PA HM?

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    If it's warm enough, you can go tubing down the Delaware River.  That's a nice relaxing journey.  Make sure you bring extra sunscreen though and tie it to the handle of your inner tube.  

    There are also several nice golf courses over there (if you play).   I haven't checked out the new casino resort, but I'm guessing you are probably staying there.  The Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort isn't bad.  I've played and eaten lunch in the dining room there and would consider spending a weekend there.

    I'm pretty sure Maddie is referring to Mt. Airy Lodge commercials from the '70's and '80's, which promoted hot tubs that looked like giant champagne glasses.  That place is out of business, so I don't think you'll have much to worry about.  Enjoy the peaceful time with your sweetie and fresh mountain air!
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