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My Fiance and I are going to Chicago for our honeymoon. Any ideas of what to do, and where to stay? We are looking for specific hotels, as we have no idea! Thanks!

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    There is a lot to do in Chicago for a honeymoon!  What time of year are you planning to come?  What is your budget like?  What sort of activities do you like to do- outdoors, cultural, foodie, sports, etc?

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    If it's warmer months, I would def. recommend Navy Pier, The Brookfield zoo is nice also Fi and I are debating about going there for a few days after the wedding since our honeymoon isn't right after and he's never been there (I lived there for a few years when I was younger). As for hotels, I haven't started looking  yet but the more you are in the city the higher the cost (but the fancier too, I'm guessing). Good luck, all else fails hit up AAA or a travel agent, they're always willing to at least give you books on your destinations! GLCool
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    The Omni Hotel used to be nice. I would also recommend Navy Pier and the zoo. Maybe you can do a play. Do the John Hancock Building and the glass overlook. Shop on Michigan Ave.

    Also, you can ask the Chicago Board for suggestions.
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    Yeah, come to the Chicago board, we'll have a ton of suggestions for you! Ha
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