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Hi Everyone! I'm new here!

My FI and I just locked in the date July 7th, 2012!  We are so excited! 

We were engaged in Decemeber and have been throwing dates around since then.  I am looking forward to July, although I need to wrap my head around a summer wedding.  I always envisioned a fall wedding, but July makes so much more sense for our schedules (I'm a Teacher) and our families' schedules.

We locked in the date with the church on the campus of a University that we both attended, but we are still searching for a reception venue.

I'm looking forward to reading the posts on here!

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Re: Hi Everyone! I'm new here!

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    We got engaged in December too! I wanted a winter wedding, but it wasn't feasible for all of our out of town guests to travel in the poor weather conditions we have in Montana in the winter. So, July it is! Welcome to our board!!
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    Welcome to the board!  A lot of universities have beautiful buildings that you never would have imagined for a wedding reception until you see them being used in that way.  It would be awesome since you both attended the same university, and it would be convenient for your guests who would already be on campus.
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    I'm in the same boat as you! Engaged in Dec and always envisioned a fall wedding or winter b/c my fiance and i love winter, but being a teacher, july just works best!
    i'm excited to start sharing ideas!

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    I really wanted a winter wedding, but with the unpredictable weather in MI and having guests travel from various parts of the state and from other states, it just made more sense to have it in the summer!

    Congrats and Welcome!!  Can't wait to hear about your planning!!
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    Welcome and Congrats!!! It's nice to have you on the board, all the ladies are awesome here :) Our day is July 6th :)
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    Congratulations for setting a date and booking a ceremony venue!

    I think it's funny that summer is supposedly the most popular time to get married yet so many of would have preferred Fall or Winter! We wanted fall as well but I knew I wanted an outdoor ceremony and somewhat outdoor reception, and where I'm from July and August are the best weather for that.
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    Welcome and congrats I am a Jersey bride to so let me know if you have any questions about any vendors!
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    Welcome date twin! We're getting married the 7th too! We're in the same boat as everyone else as far as time goes. FI is a teacher-to-be, so we're not really sure where he will end up finding a job. July seemed to be the safest month. I really wanted September but he would be teaching by then, and we might be in a different state depending on where he can get a job. And May would've been beautiful too, but in addition to the teaching schedule thing, the weather this year has proven to be so iffy in Michigan in May.

    That's so fun that you're getting married on your college campus :] FI and I are having our engagement pictures taken on our college campus in about a month!
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    I also wanted to be a fall bride (and my FI was hoping for that too!), but since I am a teacher as well, I just knew summer made more sense for me and I'd be less stressed.  We decided to do a fall engagement photo session to make fall still be a part of our wedding plans! :)
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    Congratulations and Welcome! We are date twins, as I am getting married July 7th, too! I am also a teacher, so July just made sense for us as well!

    Happy planning!
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    Welcome! and Congrats! We were supposed to get married this labor day weekend, but the venue ended up being booked and it was going to be hard on my parents since my brother just got married so July made sense to us as well.

    The ladies are awesome on here! Can't wait to hear all about your planning! :)
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    Welcome! You'll enjoy this board! :)
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    Welcome! I'm rather new to the boards, too! I also wanted a fall wedding, but in Fall 2012! I wanted to have enough time to plan and my FI and I both have very busy schedules. We ending up choosing July 6, 2012 because we're having the wedding OOT for everyone (Northern NJ, but his huge family is from Long Island), so we thought it would be easier to take off a Friday in the summer during a holiday weekend. Never imagined myself as a summer bride, but I'm sure with this board, we'll get a lot of great ideas! 
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