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Men's 'dressy' sandals?

I know most nicer restaurants at AI's don't allow beach sandals during dinner.

So what would the guys wear? Can they wear sandals as long as they're not flip flops?

I would think that FI would be hot having to wear socks and dress shoes if we eat outside.

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Re: Men's 'dressy' sandals?

  • I don't know what AI you're going to, but we've been to two different Sandals and H wore his "mandals" at both places with no issues.  I saw plenty of guys with flip flops, too.  And I wore my flip flops to every place with no issues.

  • hehe... "mandals"... and I thought it was acceptable - especially if you're eating outside.
  • Birkenstocks.
  • Have him bring some Sperrys or like pp said, loafers. They are very comfortable and go well with anything from khaki shorts to dressier pants.
  • We went to an AI before (not our honeymoon), and they said you couldn't wear sandals/flip flops, but my husband did. The never said anything, and a lot of the other guests wore them as well. I think just as long as your not in your swim trunks you will be fine. We did always look nice, so I think the staff overlooked the shoes.
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    Guys were supposed to wear pants and closed shoes (if I remember right) at a few restaurants on our resort for dinner. However, a lot of people didn't; but still, better safe than sorry

    DH brought 2 pairs of pants (for 7 nights) and also his Sanuks, ugh but of course I can't find a pic for you of his pair.  They were the Sidewalk Surfers, but brown leatherish material with shoe-strings. 

    They were light-weight to pack, didn't require socks and were "breathable"

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